Halo Wars - Will Ensemble go out with a Bang?

Gameplayer has gone live with an updated hands-on with Halo Wars, looking into what the game will offer and whether Ensemble Studios - which will be closed upon the game's completion - are going to go out with a bang, or not.

"In spite of Ensemble's confidence in creating a workable RTS control scheme on the X360, there's definitely room to be sceptical about Halo Wars. Not only is it taking a previously FPS-only series into a different genre, but it's also entering a domain where another developer is trying to instigate a revolution. We're talking about Tom Clancy's EndWar and its aggressively successful focus on voice commands."

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HighDefinition3417d ago

I`m just not sure if MOST Halo fans are into RTSs.

KBDuB3417d ago

I definitely agree. I think Halo Wars will be great. I loved their games on the PC, and I wouldn't want any one other to make a game like this on a console..

silverchode3417d ago

if this was a pc game i think it would do better but a rts on a console doesnt seem to fun.

SlappingOysters3417d ago

they should release the first AoE on Xbox Live just to get some faith in Ensemble

SlappingOysters3417d ago

The biggest problem facing this game is that it is built old school like Age of Empires, where the genres has moved into new territory with games like Company of Heroes, World in Conflict and EndWar.

It just looks dated straight away.

outlawlife3417d ago

that may be the case but the fact is the old school RTS has a huge and loyal following

thats why every game in the AoE series is still a huge success on and offline

the only problem that faces this title is the controls just likeever other RTS

being a purest I absolutely hate RTS games on consoles...the never feel right but if they can pull it off then the more power too them i'm still not interested though

i just can't get into the halo universe no matter how i try

SlappingOysters3417d ago

The old-school RTS games definitely have their fans, I just wonder how many of the fans are on consoles? You'd have to think a PC version of this game is just around the corner.

Endorphin3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I strongly believe that Real Time Strategy games should stay on PC or at the very least be played with keyboard and mouse. I just wish they would of taken a different approach with this prequel idea for Halo, there is only one or two games that manage to be decently playable on console(both C&C) and still they don't even come close to the amount depth in game play that you get on games like Starcraft on PC(forget that Nintendo 64 port) or Age of Empires . Turn based Strategy Games are probably best suited for the consoles.

Freezingduck3417d ago

Somehow this game reminds me of my childhood Power Rangers

vhero3417d ago

an RTS designed for console only? its gonna fail all RTS for consoles thus far have failed misarably and this one will follow on the halo name wont help it sell much as Halo fans are RTS fans. Of course you will get the idiots thinking its halo 4 not looking at the back of the box and buying it but except them expect this to be just another game.

Skadoosh3417d ago

Most likely the team working on this will continue with a new company because Halo Wars will surely be a huge money making success.