Triumph of the Nerds

Gaming has changed nerds from knaves to kings - and the revolution cannot be stopped. This gameplayer article looks into how the industry has made rock stars out of social outcasts.

"For the rise of gaming isn't the revenge of the nerds. It's the Dawn of the Nerds - and our world will never be the same..."

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big shadow3450d ago

nice picture except the nerd ruins the picture

dnf273450d ago

even with the nerd it is still a nice piccy. not totally ruined. wonder what that dude is thinking. Perhaps, "Look at my might sword!" (said in a Big Arnie kind of accent.

SlappingOysters3450d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

where do I put my sword?

You have to admit, he is spoilt for options.

Cool article btw. 8-)

Harry1903450d ago

Up till a few months ago, I did not even know I could fit in the nerd category. Are there other actors than being a pariah which counts?
Like a certain physique,or standardized tests for intelligence?

SlappingOysters3450d ago

This Nerd is got to have a rad to visit to the toilet sometime soon!

Bebedora3449d ago

I might just steal this picture as my avatar. :D