Xbox Price Drop Doing the Trick

Brian Allen writes:

"With the cheapest version of the 360 now at $199, that makes serious inroads towards leveling the playing field. Sony execs are still adamant another price cut for their machine is not needed.This holiday season, there will be blood in this console war."

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HighDefinition3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

But the Arcade Unit is a piece of sh!t that shouldn`t even be sold, I`ll buy another when the PRO is $199 or the when the Elite is $199, I`ve heard it breaks less.

HighDefinition3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Sony WILL drop their price, either right before LBP or right before Xmas to get the media`s attention, more than they already do right now.

If LBP is the next MARIO (like some call it, myself included), it could be thee ITEM of the holidays. A price drop would do wonders for them.

uxo223265d ago

If little big planet is the next "MARIO" then I agree with Sony. A PS3 price drop will not be necessary.

joeblk103265d ago

really? I am looking forward to this game but your on crack if you think its going to reach that status.

HighDefinition3265d ago

Alot of the media must be smokin rocks.

Cause their the one`s saying it.

joeblk103265d ago

How is it a piece? Its the same console without a hard drive. Doesn't come with the HD cables but neither did my supposedly superior PS3. If downloading is not your thing it plays the exact same games. Plus you can pick up 20 gigs on ebay for next to nothing these days.

HighDefinition3265d ago

Even the most "hardcore" 360 fans, say the arcade sucks. Why? Cause it does.

joeblk103265d ago

And why does it suck.... cause you say it does? for $199 its a hell of a lot better deal than the Wii and for games only a hell of a lot better deal than my PS3 which has been collecting dust since i finished MGS4 and before that collected more dust after Uncharted.

HighDefinition3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

First off, I agree w/ you about the WII.

Second, My 360 would be collecting dust, if it didn`t break twice.

Edit: I had 1 RROD and 1 laser/disc tray problem, which wasn`t covered under warranty, unfortunatly.

joeblk103265d ago

My first one RRoD on me too.... which sucked.... but then again i was on my third PS2 before i upgraded to the PS3. They'll learn, just like Sony did.

VF34EJ253265d ago

Actually, the sole reason why people think the Arcade is a Piece, Is because of the development side of things. Since it's the lower denominator of the 360 SKUs, developers have to make games for the 360 without the HDD in mind. I'm sure we'd see a lot better quality games made if the Arcade SKU never existed. By quality, I mean on the technical front with loading times, texture loads, etc.

Sure they're doing a great job without the HDD, but like I said it could be BETTER with an HDD.

jaysquared3265d ago

Nobody has been calling LBP as the next mario other than the PS3 fans.. Watching from the game play LBP does look a little like mario but its not going to reach Marios level at all!!

If your a hardcore gamer that likes to play online then yes the arcade sucks but if your about just playing games offline and are on a budget(which most parents will be when the holidays come because of the way the economy is)then go for the arcade version. Either way the Arcade version is still a better deal than the wii..

HighDefinition3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I completely agree about the wii, the PS2 is better than the WII.

@edit (below)

Yep. Thanks for asking. I make enough $$$ to do what I like to do. Which is talk/argue about games.

Does this bother you?

Bubble up for acknowledging the HIGH DEFINITION.

"If you and your friends think the PS3 is so great, why do I see you here trolling 360 stories 24/7, instead of playing what you think is an "uberz consolez"?"

HOnestly I`m gamed out right now, I`ve been playing so much I had to take a break.

Personally, I feel since I once owned a 360 I deserve to talk about it. You might not agree, but I don`t really care.

BTW, only FOOLS take this site personally. I`m here to talk about games posistive and negative. If that makes me a troll, so be it.

+ bubbles for resenting me, so much.

Reno173265d ago

HD you just live in these forums don't you.

thenickel3265d ago

The only thing the arcade is missing is the Hdd a nice face plate and components, other then that it's the exact same thing. I will admit looking at the arcade is a slight bit depressing but once you up grade it things are fine. This is going to be a interesting holiday though and maybe Sony even makes some huge discount announcements at TGS before MS totally steals the holidays.

Immaculate3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

The $199 Arcade is the most bang for your buck console that someone without broadband, or a child not allowed to game online can own. And according to last years level, that's 65% of U.S. internet users.

If you and your friends think the PS3 is so great, why do I see you here trolling 360 stories 24/7, instead of playing what you think is an "uberz consolez"?

-bubbles for being a troll

Bathyj3265d ago

The Arcade sux because its holding back this generation. No HDD doesn't just effect you if you want to download, it effects the way games are made. You can blame no HDD and DVD for the debacle that is GTA4. 4 games on PS2 after GTA3 and they decide to call that one a "True Sequel" My arse. It was a step backwards from San Andreas when it should have been 2 steps forward.

The only reason Arcade exists is so M$ can brag they have a cheap console,(never mentioning the Elite is more than a PS3 and still cant match it for features) and for people who'se XBox died out of warranty, still have their HDD, and need the barebones package just to stay in the game.

Having Arcade in the market is like telling a bunch of sprinters they all have to hop because one of the racers has one leg.

butterfinger3265d ago

I would really consider getting it. If the 360 does not beat the PS3 at least this month, I would say it is over for Microsoft. However, I expect that it will beat the PS3 by a fair amount (20,000 maybe) now, and perhaps again this holiday season if the PS3 doesn't have a price cut. I figure that, while holiday shopping, most parents will see the arcade version as a cheap next-gen game system that they have probably heard of before and pick it up. The PS3, superior as a media hub, will still need a price cut to compete this holiday season. Anyone that wants a 360 should get one now, and anyone that wants a PS3 should pray that the 360 sells amazingly well and forces Sony to have another price cut on the PS3. Honestly, if I were shopping for my kids, I would pick up a 360 arcade for $199 and just tell them that they can have a HDD for their bday or something. MS has officially taken their biggest swing at sealing up second place this generation, and it will be an interesting and most likely rewarding holiday/early 2009 for gamers:)

badz1493265d ago

no matter how much the PS3 is unrelated to this post, you still insist on talking about it don't you? HD was just talking about the arcade and said it sucks compared to the other 2 SKUs! then you came in baragging about you PS3 collecting dust and yourself being on your 3rd PS2 bla bla bla...what's your point?

Death3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

If you buy an Arcade for $199 and decide you would like the additional storage a HDD provides, you can pick up a 120 gig for $149 and have an Xbox Elite for $50 less. Every Xbox 360 SKU can be upgraded to have the same features. This has been one of Microsoft's best ideas yet. Sony has cut their hardware and functionality back with each redesign. You can't buy backwards compatibility at the store and add it to your 40 gig or new and improved 80 gig..

Why do devs need a HDD? PS3 needs it to compensate for development issues/placement of data on the BR disc. Why does Microsoft need one for devs? A dev can code all their games for a HDD even if the system doesn't have one attached. They are alot smarter than you think. All games work with or without it with a few exceptions. A dev can require a HDD in order to play their game if they choose. FFXI requires one. If Rockstar wanted one as mandatory, they could have taken that route too. Microsoft paid 500 million for DLC, how much you want to bet that will require a HDD?

You guys assume the dev is forced to make games that don't require a HDD when that isn't the case. The choice is up to the customer if they want to play a game that requires a HDD, they need to buy one. The day Microsoft made it so the HDD could be removed and portable, they also made it so the system could recognize if it is present. If a game benefits from streaming to the drive, the hooks are there in the OS to make it happen. If the drive isn't present, the game won't use it but still be playable.

My only gripe about the Arcade is the fact you don't get a shiny chrome DVD tray cover. That is the only thing that makes an Arcade look different.


White353265d ago


Just guessing, but I think joe might be telling the ps3 fanboys to buy a 360, or stfu and gtfo with their trolling.

butterfinger3265d ago

"Microsoft paid 500 million for DLC, how much you want to bet that will require a HDD?"

Ok, I'm assuming you meant $50 million, but doesn't DLC ALWAYS mean that it will require a HDD on the 360? I thought that was pretty self explanatory. As for Rockstar, it is widely known that Dan Houser complained about the lack of a HDD in every 360 and the use of DVD9 limiting GTAIV. Obviously devs are/were worried about making mandatory installs on the 360 due to the fact that they would cutting out a huge chunk of 360 gamers that for some reason didn't want a HDD with their console. Your piece was pretty much pointless. Microsoft should have/should make every SKU with a HDD. Instead they are ridiculously overpriced and only available in certain relatively small sizes. I'd bet that every 720 has a HDD inside of it with at least 250GB of space.

SL1M DADDY3264d ago

weren't most people calling the Core 360 the Tard 360 back at launch? Seems funny to see the Xbox fans rallying behind the Arcade now that the price is lower than any other console. Goes to show how times have changed...

Rhoic3264d ago

You guys realize you can buy a $199 360 + a $149 120GB HDD for a grand total of about $52 less than the cheapest version of the PS3, right? :x

Not only that, but it comes with a memory card, and 5 free arcade games. Sounds like a pretty good bang-for-your-buck.

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Silvia0073265d ago

Who would have thought that if you made a console affordable for all, it would sell like hot cakes.

nbsmatambo3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

for now...

just think about it lol, sales r gonna b high for a while but they will come back down..

and sony isnt just gonna watch MS sell tons of 360's, if they see its going to far they drop price of the PS3..

and when that happens its all over =D

joeblk103265d ago

The problem is that Sony is still losing money on every PS3 sold and though they are a lot closer to breaking even than when they launched (i believe they were losing about $200 a console at launch though not sure the exact amount) it makes it hard to justify another decrease on their end. Microsoft after this price drop is expecting to break even on arcade and still make a slight profit on other versions. I wish it would drop though, I need another BluRay player that is actually upgradable in the bedroom.

CNIVEK3265d ago

...because Sony can make up a 5.5 million unit deficit (soon to be a LOT MORE), overnight.

At the rate they're going, they won't even CATCH UP, before MS releases their next console. The 360 still has almost the EXACT SAME LEAD, that it had from launching a year early (U.S./EU); Sony has hardly put a DENT in it, in 2 years time. :o

VF34EJ253265d ago

Actually, Supposedly they could be breaking even already. This was posted in January

And then the latest report says they could be breaking even in August.

I'm sure they ARE breaking even, hence the reason why they upgraded the 40gb to 80gb's instead of a price drop.

VF34EJ253265d ago


The 360 had about a 10 million lead when PS3 launched.

Now it's only about 4 million. But I agree that now the price drop has kicked in, the 4 million lead might stretch out longer and will make it hard for the PS3 to catch up. Especially in the states.

nbsmatambo3265d ago

it doesnt matter if it takes a while for the PS3 to catch up to the 360 its still gonna happen..and even if MS comes out with a new console this will only prove wats true already = MS consoles last 4-5yrs/ whilst Sony console last 8+ yrs =/

soxfan20053265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

The PS3 is simply too far behind to catch the 360 in the US. Do the math. If Sony wanted to catch MS over the next 2 years (24 months), the PS3 would have to outsell the 360 by 170,000 units EVERY month without fail - and that would just cause a tie. With the 360 price drop, that will simply be impossible. It doesn't matter anyway, both systems are going to be around for a LONG time.

Immaculate3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

You are about to see the 360 become the new ps2 in N.A.

And VFX, the 360 is still well over 5 million ahead of the ps3. You ps3 guys are just like sony when it comes to pulling numbers out your butt.

zypher3265d ago

i seriously doubt that. 360 definitely has the tools to become this generation's PS2, but it just doesn't seem to be working for them. that's becuase it has much more competition than the PS2 did...heck, after it's third year PS2 had a comfortable 30+ million lead over it's nearest competitor, and that lead GREW as the generation went on. after three years 360's lead has steadily decreased from 10 million to 5 million over the PS3, despite the fact that it had what many consider to be a higher-quantity/quality library, the fact that until '08 it outsold the PS3 in the US, as well as the fact that it's enjoyed a price advantage since PS3 launched. this is saying nothing about the Wii, against which 360 saw it's lead go from 10 million to zilch. all this does not lend to the argument that 360 is on it's way to becoming the next PS2.

i honestly don't think we'll ever see another system as dominant as PS1 and PS2.