Game Republic's Canceled Xbox 360 Game

1UP writes: "We've just published an interview with Game Republic President Yoshiki Okamoto in which he discussed a game his studio was developing for Microsoft that never saw the light of day. As you may remember, Microsoft had Game Republic work on the cutesy board game Every Party for the Japanese launch of the Xbox 360 thinking the title would get the Japanese audience excited about the console. It didn't. But interestingly, before Okamoto's studio went on to create Genji: Days of the Blade and Folklore for the PlayStation 3, it was aggressively working on an online title for the 360."

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Silogon3569d ago

This stuido is of great talent and asset, but they just can't manage to get a break out game. Folklore and Genji 2, both, are the absolute best of next gen graphics in terms of texture quality and clarity. Check them out and see what I mean. Genji is absolutley amazing graphically. the water and fire effects and wood effects look stunning. Ninja Gaiden doesn't look half as good. Folklore is a beautiful game, and needs no defending cause it is absolutley brilliant for thos eof us who have played it know.

cemelc3569d ago

Folklore was a great game.

I own it and let me tell you, it was a brilliant game from the beginning to the end.

B-Rein3568d ago

Folklore is an awesome game, its jus 1 of em games that people dont give a chance,

well ign game it a 9.9 (9/10)

this game is underrated

Le-mo3569d ago

Foklore is underrated.

UnSelf3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

back to the point: smh typical microsoft

EDIT: @ disagreer: Non-typical Microsoft?

meepmoopmeep3569d ago

yeah, it was a really good game.

i wonder what online game they're working on for the 360.

uxo223569d ago

"smh typical microsoft"

Dude, that's business. Funny how the developer understands the business aspect of it. Yet you say "typical Microsoft"

This is known as business, if they told them that they didn't like, the developer should have shut it down and not spent any of their money on it. Instead they continued to develop it.

If someone design a suit for you and you decide halfway through that you don't like the suit and the tailor made it anyway, would you buy it anyway? Didn't think so.

TK4213569d ago

He said typical Microsoft because they were the one's that told him to develop the game for the Japanese market in the first place. Then they turn around later and tell him they don't want the game because the market is too small when they could have been developing a game for the worldwide market all along.

UnSelf3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

though i understand ur point it still isnt justified in my eyes. MS told them to make this type of game for a specific demographic. Like the guy said in the interview, he was a lil pissed that MS would stop funding their project after they were the ones who told that dev to make THAT TYPE of game. If MS wanted a game to appeal to a much larger demographic, the dev wouldve not minded. in fact he welcomed it as thats what he wanted to do frm jump

EDIT: @1.4, i just read ur post. And u just basically summed up my thoughts. Glad someone else sees it

uxo223569d ago

I to see your point, but I disagree with it. Once again, Microsoft initially was completely funding the development of said game. Regardless to what they asked for, they were funding it at no cost to the developer. They then decided that they don't want it anymore. The developer had every opportunity to stop development at zero cost to them. Up to that point, it didn't cost them anything as for Microsoft was paying for it.

Instead the developer decided to continue development using their own money (After being told to halt production by the original requester). in hope that Microsoft would change its mind, well it didn't happen. The developer took a gamble and lost, how can you blame Microsoft. Hell the developer doesn't even blame them.

So IMO the only thing I see that is typical here is your need to blame Microsoft in this matter.

B-Rein3568d ago

Folklore is an awesome game i downloded the demo the fell in love with it, its a game worth buying, yeh agreed its underrated, ps3 owners give this game a chance

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PimpHandStrong3569d ago

im not a big RPG guy but i did like the style of that game

tocrazed4you3569d ago

Thats what happens when you make a deal with microsoft, and they don't like your game. I don't get how they approved infinite undiscovery but not a game form these guys. Folk lore did a lot better in sales and ratings than infinite undiscovery.

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