1UP: Little King's Story Preview

1UP writes: "'In the name of the King -- chaaarge!'

With the press of the A button, the adorably squat Soldiers with giant helmets and the hoe-toting Farmers with equally large straw hats who were obediently following behind you rush forward and jump on the back of the skeleton-masked cow that's been terrorizing the countryside. They hang on for dear life as the maddened monster jumps up and down, but soon they manage to whittle down its life, and it falls over on its side, dead. A few Soldiers also died. Though Corobo, the story's little king, has just received his crown, the villagers are already willing to die for him...sort of. Since the lovely folk are still new to this whole "being ruled" thing (and you are new to ruling a kingdom), their loyalty only goes so far, and sometimes they get confused by your orders (issued by pressing the all-mighty A button). In the case of the skele-cow (one of the first boss monsters you take down in the game), the soldiers sometimes get scared and run away until you keep insisting that they fight. Later on in the game, when you've built up your relationship with a villager, they know exactly what you're ordering them to do and continue to fight until death."

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