Return to Arkham: A Rocksteady Retrospective

Return to Arkham is updating Rocksteady's Batman series of video games. Here's a look back at how the series has influenced game design.

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ChronoJoe758d ago

I don't think the Batman games have influenced game design in a positive way. While they are great games, they best features ape the design of already established, good 3D metroid vania titles like Zelda, or even Darksiders. The combat systems are fluid and functional but I wouldn't say they've positively influenced combat design in other games. Batman's combat system is suitable in context but it's simplisticity means that if you simply pull it out of context, it's a functionally identical experience.

The issue then becomes the idea that you're simply playing Batman Arkham Knights combat system, with a different skin. This isn't interesting. Unfortunately thus far Arkham Knight hasn't lead to any beneficial adaptations or innovations stemming from their work. Most games that ape it are purely derivative, and suffer as a result of their closeness to their inspiration.