European Playstation Store update available

European Playstation Store update available

Content :

[9.99 EUROS] 1942 Joint Strike

[Free] Elefunk
[Free] Play TV - France Only
[Free] 1942: Joint Strike
[Free] FIFA 09

[4.99 EUROS] Pain - Amusement Park
[0.99 EUROS] Pain - Kenneth
[0.99 EUROS] Pain - Yeony
[0.99 EUROS] Pain - Tati
[1.49 EUROS] Rockband - Pack 1
[3.99 EUROS] Rockband - Pack 3
[7.99 EUROS] Rockband - Pack 6
[10.99 EUROS] Rockband - Pack 9
[14.99 EUROS] Rockband - Pack 12

[Free] FIFA 09
[Free] Tomb Raider Underworld
[Free] E3 2008 - Mirror's Edge
[Free] E3 2008 - Pure

Desktop Backgrounds
[Free] The Last Guy (Various x 6)

[Free] PixelJunk Eden - (Various x 2)

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Cajun Chicken3599d ago

Pain: Amusement Park bought!

meepmoopmeep3599d ago

i hope the PAIN stuff comes for the US store tmrw.

everyone i've shown the game to loves it. kids - adults.

UnSelf3599d ago

i think ill wait for the US store update.

Not really big on Pain (pun intended)

masterg3598d ago

Anyone know what time the US update is here?
Can't wait for the MotorStorm Qore demo.

UltimateIdiot9113599d ago

Darn, no Life with Playstation.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

I would of thought that would be firmware based anyway.

scottmichael3599d ago

this update isnt available yet :( from england and just went to the store.. nothing there yet

Harry1903599d ago

Same here. I just checked to see if the fifa 09 demo was available, but it's not up yet.

scottmichael3599d ago

not available in france like the author said in gamer zone

got a few french fifa friends, asked them to check their store, and nope - no update.

No doubt the list above is right, but i dont think theres ever been an europeon update at 3:30am

A7mmud3599d ago

I have checked it. it's not up yet

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

Well, that was misleading.

Said00113599d ago

The UPDATE is Available in france

I don't know for others

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The story is too old to be commented.