Atmosphir – build your own video games

The most promising company to come out of the gaming pitches was Atmosphir, which lets you build your own games by dragging and dropping blocks onto a blank virtual canvas – like Lego for video games, in the words of the creators.

You begin by choosing a theme, say Adventure, and then set about creating islands, bridges, moving platforms and obstacles. Once you're happy with the geography of your world, it's time to move onto the politics. Lay down the rules that govern your game, then create some hazards, set some traps and scatter about a few bonuses. The demonstrators created a basic but serviceable game in about three minutes.

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Silogon3449d ago

Interesting, but nothign tangible can come of it yet. I'd like to see someone give us better tools to do this with. Create your own guy from a "lbp" texture drop/paste and then create your world. Make a side scroller or a beat 'em up game like double dragon. anything. Give us the place holders and allow us to skin them how we want, basically.