Sessler's Soapbox: Lies, Damn Lies, and Internet Rumors

In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, Adam is taking on the issue of internet journalism and their reliance on rumor in order to help breed speculation and get the scoop.

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pwnsause3513d ago

well, rumor killed. this rumor reminds me about MGS4 going to the 360 then the wii, which came from a 8 year old story from MGS2.

BulletToothtony3513d ago

specially from kotaku... they start a rumor in the morning something like "LBP is coming to PC" and then in the afternoon they call sony to see if their own rumor is true.

Most rumors are just crap in order for these people to get hits and make money...

There should be a "Rumor" Section separate in N4G to help this situation... because it is getting out of control.

Harry1903513d ago

There are some rumours that become true. Just yesterday,the rumour broke through Gamasutra and Shacknews that Ensemble would be closing after the completion of Halo Wars. Well, the rumour was confirmed by Gamespot.

BulletToothtony3513d ago

and a very small percentage do come true... but it isn't right for someone to open a website... start writing a bunch of non-sense, then come here post it themselves and get a bunch of hits just in order to get some $$$ the easy way.

Yeah they should post it but in a rumor section, not in the "News" section.

It's just annoying to hear all these "xbox 720 coming next month" or "Did sony buy GeOW as an exclusive?" they're just stupid with no facts and yet those stories get 1000 degrees.. it's dumb i come here for news not rumors... if i want to read rumors they should be separate.

Ttam3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

He used to be funny.

PimpHandStrong3512d ago

but for him to say this was a harmless rumor is just a bit of a lie

1st thing
why you would bring it up if it wasnt true...let the day pass and do a 15min thing on X-play about it. Talk about the rumor when the dash board can be reviewed!

2nd thing

he knows ppl have said they hold the MS money hat

if ppl didnt think that then he wouldnt even give this rumor a single thought

all i know is this

They did a piss poor job of covering the Sony E3 and all they wanted to talk about was "In the Movies" and a multi-plat game that was a so called exclusive. They didnt even talk about MAG or Zipper!


Dino3512d ago

all these haters are just that. geek on geek crime should not be tolerated.

mirroredderorrim3512d ago

Needs to shut up.
Seriously.. sessler guarantees you (so long as he does not die) a free 30 points every week on N4G.

His crap is opinions. How is it news? Even when he DOES reviews... he does not bring the goods.

At least post his tripe if it's a review, not his pathetic, biased, unknowing opinions... this is a rant. if anything.

One thing I will say that he is right about;rumors are getting out of control, especially pertaining to Square Enix and MGS4 for 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.