GameSpy: Infinite Undiscovery Review

GameSpy writes: "Infinite Undiscovery could be the first game in a new action-RPG franchise by tri-Ace, the Japanese developers behind Valkyrie Profile and the ongoing Star Ocean series, and it's also the first game that tri-Ace has released for the current systems. As such, it's hard to go into Infinite Undiscovery without some pretty high expectations. If you're able to do so, you'll be rewarded with a satisfyingly solid JRPG experience. There's plenty of combat, storyline, and action to keep you going until the very end. However, although Infinite Undiscovery covers all of the JRPG bases, it doesn't contribute a whole lot of new stuff to the genre, and its strengths are undermined by a couple of key weaknesses in the game design."

+Combat is a rush
+AI is solid
+Compelling plot
+Engaging characters

-Linear gameplay
-Awkward character management
-Choppy framerate during combat

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Voozi3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"-Choppy framerate during combat "

Damnit I was hoping it was just the video when ever I watched gameplay vids before it was released, bleh idk, I think I'll wait until the ebay price drops or something cause I def want to get another JRPG for my 360 this year.

Anyone who does have this game, how "bad" is it (the framerate during combat), like does it drop to a point where it takes away from gameplay and almost makes it unplayable (like Mass Effect framerate did during combat at times)

CViper3573d ago

Its noticeable. You can ignore it though, too bad you figure they would iron this out for a 360 exclusive. Nothing compared to Mass Effect as far as stutters, so if you take that.. divide it by 1/2.. thats about it.. and its not only combat.

Voozi3573d ago

Ah I see, idk guess I'll wait till ebay prices drop to like $40 on this game, can't see myself spending $60 on it

Laexerias3573d ago

Why cant they just make a good running RPG in Japan for the Xb360, i was kinda pissed off in Lost Odyssey, when the battle starts and you see the cam showing the enviorments, like 5times and then the battle starts and the characters are lagging.
nyah, but it wasnt that much so its okay, but still it was annoying.

meepmoopmeep3573d ago

i hate when people state "linear" gameplay as a negative.
unless it's an intended open-world game.. no duh!

even open-world games are linear to an extent.

nice_cuppa3573d ago

ok score !
Ok for jrpg !
I have loved jrpgs with lower scores !
Linear = jrpg

Laexerias3573d ago

~_~ still love the game

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