No More Heroes Conceived While On The Toilet

Thanks to the DS, the bathroom is now a gaming destination. According to Suda51, Grasshopper Manufactures creator of No More Heroes, also a development studio.

Suda51 reveals all. "I actually came up with the initial idea for a game featuring a [Johnny] Knoxville-style character whilst on the toilet", Suda says, revealing details behind his unique I.P.

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Laexerias3599d ago

Dragon Ball was also thought of in the Toilet.

Silogon3599d ago

Sounds about right. Generic character runs around with a generic light saber and spouts out generic phrases and does generic things inside of a generic world on a generic system. Was it any wonder he created it while taking a $#*T?

RealityCheck3599d ago

... I guess that day he had diarrhea too... explains even more :)

PS360WII3599d ago

Hey people get plenty of ideas while sitting on the toilet. The save feature on No More Heroes was a funny cool idea ;)

Cowzilla33599d ago

He said this in an interview when the game came out and it was reported on. How did this get approved?

Voiceofreason3599d ago

Thats an easy one. It gives people a chance to hate on the Wii again. When it comes to Wii news they never follow their own rules. Go buy a web cam, record about 20min of you trashing the Wii and they'll put it on the front page.

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