IGN: NBA 09: The Life Interview

IGN writes: "For a few years now, PS2 owners have gotten a taste of the ups and downs of basketball superstardom with Sony's The Life, a mode within its NBA franchise. Covering the stories of two fictional players in the league, gamers discovered the other side of being a professional athlete both on and off the court, adding to the gameplay of the title. Of course, with the release of the PS3, it was only a matter of time before this feature made its way over to the newer system, and that's finally been included within NBA 09: The Inside.

Instead of hitting one story, this year's The Life mode covers three separate tales within basketball arenas around the country. What was the reason for the big change, and how does it affect the gameplay? For these questions, and more, we went to Brandon Akiaten, the producer and writer/director of NBA 09: The Life."

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