1UP: Legendary Multiplayer New Impressions

1UP: "We've already had a look at Legendary's campaign mode, and our recent look at the multiplayer was something of a surprise. Legendary eschews the typical capture the flag and deathmatch play styles in favor of "Safari," a mode that combines team-based gameplay with an infinitely spawning lycanthropic enemy horde.

Safari mode involves killing as many werewolves as possible and collecting their Animus, a mystical force that powers a machine that can control the werewolves and thereby win the round. Conversely, you can use the Animus to heal yourself, but doing so costs your team an essential resource. While the wanton killing of other players is a reasonable strategy, the game does try to stress teamwork over the "one man army" school of play. Players depositing an Animus into the machine are sitting ducks who will need covering fire to avoid getting mauled to death or torn apart by enemy gunfire. The fact that each team's Animus banking machine is usually in close proximity to the rival's only adds to the chaos."

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Dark Kitsune3628d ago

They need to fix those god-awful walking/grenade throwing animations. Plus didn't look too fun.