Final Fantasy XV Responds to Rockstar’s Tease With its Own Red Dead Artwork

Rockstar has been dropping teases that most are interpreting as related to a new Red Dead game, and the internet is going crazy for them. Today they posted one that definitely showcases a western setting, and even the folks at Square Enix took notice.

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-Foxtrot425d ago

It's a cute gesture and all but it does come off as trying to use hype from another game to hype your own. A little cheap in my opinion.

Erik7357425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Literal quote of one of the twitter replies "get lost fags let red dead have its moment u kpop lookin ass niggas"

Even fan art has been made of this fan art


Summons75423d ago

So it's 100% okay that fans will use the image to make their own inspired stuff based on it to try and ride off the hype to promote their artwork but when a dev shows their appreciation toward another dev it's cheap...

gaming culture at it's worst

BlackTar187423d ago

it's toxic man. Get your Hazmat suits ready

WildArmed423d ago

Right? I thought it was their way of tipping their hat to R*.

spartanlemur423d ago

I don't see a problem. FFXV gains publicity, as does Red Dead 2. Win-win.

deafdani423d ago

Oh, Jesus. No need to be cynical over something as small as this. This is just other devs having fun and showing their enthusiasm towards another devs' game.

_-EDMIX-_423d ago

Does everything have to have some negative spin on it with you? I swear, if someone gave you free money, you would spend more time spinning it in a negative way then actually spending the damn money lol

Red_Renegade423d ago

your opinion sucks. ff doesn't need somebody else's hype.

Lord_Sloth423d ago

Everything's cheap in your opinion. It isn't like Final Fantasy has any trouble with hype or advertising. If this were a smaller company I would agree that it seems cheap or like an attention grab, but I think it's just 1 giant company waving at another giant company in anticipation of their announcement. Sort of like when Sony and Microsoft congratulate each other for they system launches or a dev gives a shout out to another dev.

Yokan423d ago

Here we go again negative Nelly.

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Viryu423d ago

It would have been nice, if only it were related in any way. I don't remember Rockstar doing any pokes at Square, at all. There's no history between FF and RD, at least none I've heard about. It's not even the same genre. Monster vs Red Bull or Android vs iPhone, that makes sense and is often funny. FF x RD looks just out of place.

WeAreLegion423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

They aren't making fun of it.

BlackTar187423d ago

Yea dude this isn't some subtle dig in anyway chill out. This hypersensitive nonsense is annoying

cyber_daemonx423d ago

Its not a 'poke'. Theres also one for the new dead rising.

Nu423d ago

History will show that Red Dead Redemption 2 will trump FF15 and every other FF combined

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Elda423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Saw this yesterday..cute gesture.Square is evidently paying homage.

_-EDMIX-_423d ago

Of course. They brought the open world concept to the masses, anything they produce is going to have lots of developers taking note.

I feel many people are not old enough to remember that the original Final Fantasies are open world.

Artemidorus423d ago

Should also state the title and the words "arriving 2000 and never"

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The story is too old to be commented.