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VGS: VGSearch is a search engine with only gaming sites & blogs included into the results. We are gamers and we needed a place made to search for new gaming news, screenshots, & trailers without the baggage. Thats what VGSearch is, the video game search engine. If you want your site added just email: [email protected] . We will review your site for gaming relevance, then add you to the list.

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SwiffEpics3602d ago

This is great, the world needs a search engine dedicated to gaming and this one is well presented. It does what it says on the tin, unlike other game search sites I've seen.

htownplaya3602d ago

good, now i can easily find all things gaming without having to go through junk

ogwilson3602d ago

Nice, whenever i search google for games, i always come across some crap. at least this way, that crap can be weeded out and make room for quality.

jack who3602d ago

hmm i typed in halo i got a wwhite page lolz?

blackboyunltd3602d ago

works very well, cuts out all the unnecessary sites good look on this