Developer on Wii Ports: "You can't retrofit a load of sh*t and expect it to work with this controller"

Dean Scott, producer of Overlord: Dark Legends (the Wii exclusive Overlord game) spoke at GDC last month criticising Wii Ports.

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Le-mo3508d ago

Overlord isn't exactly a "good" game.

KeiZka3507d ago

Matter of opinion. I found it to be rather amusing, though annoying at times.

Wii60Fan3507d ago

yep. I didn't like it one bit.

Cheeseknight283507d ago

The game was highly underrated IMHO, and was great fun up until the very end section where the story fell through the floor.

However, I can easily see where others wouldn't like it.

PS360WII3507d ago

He tells the truth. That goes with newer games as well as in you can't just make a PS3/360 game and think it'll be nice and easy to throw it on the Wii as well. The controller is the focal point. Hopefully Dean Scott takes his own advise and Overlord for the Wii is set up right...

DarkBlood3507d ago

though i didn't like the game when i played it on the ps3 demo i know my freind will like this since he only owns a wii and enjoyed it greatly on the ps3 with his other freind.