David Perry Blasts GameStop CEO for Spewing 'Nonsense'

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "Earlier this week GameDaily BIZ published an exclusive interview with GameStop's newly promoted CEO, Dan DeMatteo. The GameStop boss had a lot to say about his company's views on used game sales and digital distribution. DeMatteo's comments, however, did not go over very well with industry veteran David Perry, Shiny Entertainment founder and current CCO at Acclaim Games.

Perry sent us a lengthy e-mail, which examines several of DeMatteo's viewpoints. Ultimately, Perry believes that DeMatteo is misleading investors and that GameStop's policies are ironically accelerating digital distribution. The entire letter from Perry is below for your perusal, but we highly encourage you to read the GameStop interview first if you have not already done so."

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Silogon3596d ago

this guy knows what he's talking about; he is one of the grestest dev's in the business and helped make Sony what they were with major support in the 90's.

Montrealien3595d ago

I love Perry, but he has nothing to do with making Sony what they are today. Unless you think Wild 9, MDK and RC chopter are what you consider (major) support. His is best knows for his 16bit days imho, the late 90`s where not so great for him.

It must be noted I bought and enjoyed Wild 9 on the PS 1, I hade MDK, Messiah and Sacrifice on the PC.

Silogon3595d ago

David Perry has done so much more than just make games, man. He is a huge evanglist for investors and also networked and did a lot of Pr work for Sony when Lorn Lanning, Ed Fries and Seamus Blacky had less than favorable things to say about Sony at Dice.

Montrealien3595d ago

Ok, I see what you mean, I thought you meant software support. I completly agree with you, he has a big mouth. ;D

Harry1903596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

what Mr Perry does not realize is that Apple can give you everything you want ranging from 30 gb downloads(not possible on the Iphone btw) to 2 mb downloads that you can of course,yes...wait for comes the magic word : STREAM. Stream my ass. You pay Apple,you get your game, but you don't pay Apple to get you [email protected]#$% internet.That's up to your ISP.

And frankly, how many of us here have High Speed 10 mbps internet here? Try streaming a full blu-ray quality movie(yes without a smogashbord of pixelated explosions because the bit -rate is abysmal) and you'll be hit with this word every two seconds: BUFFERING.

Seriously,maybe MR Perry wants to replace copper wires and put boosters all around the world to increase internet speed and not create an unsustainable overload of the system. Maybe tomorrow Mr Perry will be covering all of America then move to other continents knocking at people's door and telling them: Hey,we're here to tell you how Gamestop screws us because they sell used games cheaper that woek as well as new ones, so you'd better go digital and upgrade to high speed internet to download 7.5gb-30gb file packs to get your new games. Oh and don't worry about the cap your ISP puts on your downloads...yeah,no worries.

I have to go with the Gamestop exec here: Digital Distribution will not work for major titles. Seriously, not everyone can download Warhawk or Burnout from PSN. Hell,some people have to wait days before playing demos.

Blakzhuk3595d ago

DP is correct. You obviously don't know what you are talking about.

Harry1903595d ago

Because obviously,Mr Perry and other well known industry veterans have a monopoly on making sense. What would an imbecile little anoymous punk like me be able to offer other than a possible counterpoint to Mr Perry's well argumented and flawless logic?

What saddens me though is your blind and lapidary answer to my comment. Yes, Mr Perry is correct but would you be kind enough to point out where my comment makes no sense. Debates do necessitate something more substantial to exist other that 2 liners with little or no real meaning.

Blakzhuk3595d ago

Digital Distribution of games and movies is here now. To say that it won't be here for another 12 years is just rediculous. Steam is a glimpse of the near future of game distribution. Don't forget PSN and Xbox Live.

Harry1903595d ago

that digital distribution is so popular that it will surpass physical copies anytime soon? Have you heard of internet caps, low speed internet speeds or even people not having access to it?

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PS360WII3595d ago

He does make some sense. Gamestop is like the Polaroid right now. DD might not be mainstream but it certainly is in the now.

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