GameSpy: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Preview

GameSpy writes: "We've covered MotorStorm: Pacific Rift a number of times this year, the first at the pre-E3 show that Sony put on in Los Angeles and most recently Games Convention in Leipzig. Each time we've been teased by a handful of tracks and the promise of getting our hands on the online multiplayer portion of the game. The other day we received two Blu-ray ROMs in the mail for preview purposes, and while they feature the same three levels, we enjoyed the opportunity to actually spend more than 15 minutes with the game sans the noise and stress of a big convention atmosphere.

This is a sequel that's trying to improve on its predecessor in pretty much every way. The first thing to note is that the new Pacific island setting is much more grandiose in terms of racing paths and visuals than the mud-splattered courses found in the original game. Thick jungles turn into huge mountains and then drop down onto beachfront stretches. The varied environments really make you sit up and take notice of your surroundings."

+Solid racing engine
+Creative environments
+Promising sequel

-Waiting to play online
-Some framerate issues
-Steep learning curve

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sepisfu3475d ago

i have to try the demo first but if it is good as i think it is
i'll buy it

na2ru13475d ago

hell yeah le'me have it!

(not a fan of motorstorm tracks)