TeamXbox: Midnight Club L.A. in 60 Seconds

TeamXbox writes: "The L.A. of Midnight Club LA isn't quite the Los Angeles you know and love (or possibly hate, depending on your outlook). MCLA provides a scaled down version of La-La Land, though one so full of familiar landmarks, that native Los Angelenos should have no problem getting from the Valley to the beach and back to Hollywood with ease. That makes life at 150 mph so much more manageable, doesn't it? But the question is, how good, or more importantly how real, do those landmarks really look?

Our friends at Rockstar games were nice enough to provide us with some of their reference photos of the real life locales as well as screenshots of their corresponding areas in the game for you to see on your own. Good thing too, because when you are flying by them when playing MCLA, you're not going to have much chance for sight seeing. So here are some comparison shots, with background information courtesy of the developers at Rockstar."

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