TGR Preview: Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta

TGR writes: "With all of the action-packed FPS games available, when a brand new one is released it really needs to stand out above the rest. Something needs to give it that extra oomph so that it will move units, draw more players in, and rise above the pack.

In the case of Battlefield Heroes, EA and developer DICE are teaming up to bring a fresh new multiplayer experience without the pesky commitments. The game has one thing going for it that few games out there have--it's free. Not only will it be free to play to your heart's content online, but it will be free to obtain. What's more is that this game is very light on your computer's resources. The creators' intention was to create a simple and fun game that anyone could pick up and play. It's safe to say that Battlefield Heroes will run on just about any system you can throw at it, within reason."

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