Early Impressions: Battlefield 1 Might Be ‘Too’ Realistic

So Battlefield 1 heads to retail stores later this week, but Mark from PN2 got the chance to play a few early hours of the campaign thanks to the EA Access program over the weekend. What does he think of the campaign so far? Well, it certainly pulls at the heart strings...

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Clown_Syndr0me784d ago

These articles are ridiculous. Just trying so hard to find faults. The game is fantastic. It has been very well recieved as far as I can see.

The_Sage784d ago

Did you read the article? He is not saying it may be too realistic as a bad thing, more that it is emotional.

Fishy Fingers784d ago

I'd say it's pretty clear he didn't and neither did the majority of comments below.

Clown_Syndr0me784d ago

Ok, my apologies. You're rights, I didn't. I've read a few articles now that seem to be trying to put the game down for the most silly of reasons and I wrongly assumed this was another.
Lesson learnt.

shauzy784d ago

who the hell approves them

burza1982784d ago

Game is too realistic. People really looking for the smallest things to prove games have some faults, I know personally few people like that and feel sorry for them...they trying to find as hard as they can something to say wrong about game (any game not talking now about BF1).

People played Tetris and Mario years ago and did not have problems like that, they have fun.

The_Sage784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

You should read the article. He is saying that it is a good thing. You're posting in response to the title.


The fact that I do not make assumptions and have the ability to read does not mean that I, or someone I know wrote the title of the article.

Utalkin2me784d ago


Might want to tell your "friend/you" to pick a better title next time.

assdan784d ago

It's really good article talking about how well this game opposes glorification of war. Clickbaity title kind of, but read before criticizing.

Smok91784d ago

Sounds like the game is awesome!

TC731784d ago

"We want realism! But not that much!" Nitpicking.

kraenk12784d ago

A game about one of the most brutal wars ever shouldn't shy away in terms of realism. War is brutal.

EazyC784d ago

And, like movies, those that depict it with emotional weight are those with the longest-lasting impression. Certain parts of Spec-Ops: the Line made me feel physically sick. Amazing that a set of digitally-rendered pixels can do that.

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The story is too old to be commented.