Avid Gamer Review - Smash Court Tennis 3

Avid Gamer writes: "Wimbledon's the only Tennis Grand Slam that gets any coverage in the UK. Every year the hopes of the nation are washed away in a myriad of rain and disappointing performances. 2008 saw a change. The US Open received Andy Murray in open arms gifting him a clean run-through until he was devastated by Federer in the final. It had some of the best tennis we've seen, something that Smash Court Tennis 3 attempts to recreate. With rival Top Spin delivering the goods, does Smash Court Tennis 3 successfully ace the competition or does it fall to a double fault?

Tennis (like our Tiger Woods PGA 2009 Review) is a sport that comes down to a core concept. You have two people hitting a ball with a racquet over a net for points. In reality it can offer some of the best sportsmanship and athleticism in the world of sport, but in the world of video gaming, it's difficult to vary its presentation. You can add mini-games and provide a complex career mode, but at the end of the day it's just a modern version to pong. So what does Smash Court Tennis 3 offer the veteran tennis pro, the casual 'buy it because Wimbledon is on' player or the common gamer?"

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