Battlefield 1 – Ten Hours is Not Enough

Battlefield 1 recently became available for members of EA Access and Origin Access, giving them a chance to play 10 hours of the game ahead of its release. I’ve been a big fan of the membership since day 1 and greatly appreciate the 10 hours received through Play First Trials. Normally that’s enough time to …

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TacticAce494d ago

It comes out tonight, calm down...

mikeslemonade493d ago

Judging from the beta this game is the worst of the big 4 shooters. I'm only getting it if my friends get it otherwise this is a waste of time for me. All it feels like is a reskin. Still looks the same and plays the same as the last two Battlefields.

4Sh0w493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

Noooooo. I couldn't disagree more. I tried the early access trial and it seems like a great Battlefield game.....I'm not even a huge Battlefield fan but it was really good imo.

SUCKxITxEZ493d ago

It feels like a hybrid of battlefield and battlefront. I really dislike the hero pickups that just make you op for no good reason. Just creates a repetitive flow of everyone running to the same spots so they can get the op gear. Kinda ruins the team coordination at the start of rounds because everyone just wants to get it first. The smart players will just spam nades at the pickups

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darren_poolies493d ago

Tonight I thought the release date was the 21st? It's only the 18th?

81BX493d ago

Early edition comes out tonight

81BX493d ago

Yup!!!! Tonight I ride boys!

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cfc83493d ago

The fella is saying he enjoyed the 10 hours so much that he is looking forward to the game. He's not criticising access duration or anything.

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Blaze929493d ago

I assume that's the purpose so that you BUY it? Duh?

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