UGO: Top 11 LEGO Game Wish List

UGO writes: " Okay, let´s be honest with ourselves here. LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures was kinda disappointing. It was still a Traveler´s Tales-developed LEGO game, but that co-op camera is a wreck and the game is just flat-out not as fun as the Star Wars-themed titles that came before it. As enjoyable as the Indy flicks are - yes, even the skipped-for-the-game Crystal Skulls - the universe just did not translate well into LEGO form.

In just two weeks we´ll get LEGO Batman: The Video Game and our hopes are much higher. Not only have we already played and enjoyed it, but Gotham City is also home to a considerable number of colorful characters. But what´s next? Well, a representative of TT recently stated that fans can probably expect to see one or two LEGO games a year, for the foreseeable future at least. And that got us thinking of all the wonderful possibilities inherent to such a bold statement. Star Wars, Indy and Batman are now done, so where else can TT go? Read on for our favorite suggestions."

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HighDefinition3717d ago

1. Lego Metal Gear Solid (would be hilarious)
2. Lego Halo (Would be my favorite Halo game)
3. Lego Dead Rising (Again, Would be hilarious)
4. Lego God of War (w/ Violence)
5. Lego GTA (As a open-world, obviously)