WipEout HD Price

We've just heard that the European price for WipEout HD is going to be a cent under 18 Euros, so presumably £14.99 or similar in Albion, and it appears a few European sites are reporting the same thing.

We've not been told anything official from SCEE, mind, so chalk this up as a rumour just now until we get confirmation.

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Cajun Chicken3723d ago

Not bad considering its pretty much a new Wipeout title and has the quality of a retail game and respected developers having worked on it...can't complain if that's true.

sonarus3723d ago

Probably be 30 bucks. Maybe 25. Can't wait though...def a must buy

IzKyD13313723d ago

damn, I was hoping for $15(about 9 pounds)

slave2Dcontroller3723d ago

Hell I would pay $60 for it but ofcourse I'm a true WO Fanatic and have since the PS1 era and a Veteran to the franchise. I cant wait to see the complaints about the controls etc from teh noobz. XD GiGgIdY

gaffyh3723d ago

It'll be $30 in America most likely if £15 in UK, thats if the convert price properly...unlike Bionic Commando Rearmed...they ripped the UK off....£10...which is $20 almost! you never know.

Cajun Chicken3723d ago

Nah, we got BC:R for £7 (£6.99, actually), which is pretty reasonable. Ratchet was a tenner...not too bad for such strong quality games.

But hey, everyone rips us off; because everyone else in the world don't think we know better. Everything retail is pretty much more expensive in the UK compared to overseas.

MS's points conversion with cards are undoubtedly the worst as they can pretty much charge what ever price they want according to region, due to the currency-point conversion, so a majority of people don't even notice.

PirateThom3723d ago

I'd say that's about right.

Overr8ed3723d ago

I hope they give new details about the game before it releases. Come-on PSN cards, Come this Month!

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The story is too old to be commented.