Giz Explains: Why HD Video Downloads Aren't Very High Def

Yesterday Apple introduced HD TV downloads to the iTunes store, meaning you can watch Peter be super emo on Heroes at a crispy 720p resolution. That's a higher resolution than DVD, and technically, yup, that's HD. There's a catch though. Like every other video download service touting HD videos, it's all actually lower quality than DVD.

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aiphanes3744d ago

You will realize why digital downloads will never take over bluray anytime soon...

meepmoopmeep3744d ago

let's not forget the bandwidth cap trend that's becoming more and more popular

VF34EJ253744d ago

Not only that, but I enjoy my "The Making of" documentaries on my favorite movies in hi-def. Digital Downloads will never offer that.

Silvia0073744d ago

even though we care about all these numbers, millions more don't. I say out of all the homes out there in the united states, only about 30% of these homes even have a HDTV. Out of those 30%, how many even know what HD is. Even here on N4G, there are many people here who couldn't tell the difference between upscaled DVDs when compared to bluray. This is why DD is very possible. I for one will "NEVER" settle for anything less then bluray unless it's gone. This is why I don't have Cable or Sat HD services. They look like crap.

VF34EJ253744d ago

"I say out of all the homes out there in the united states, only about 30% of these homes even have a HDTV"

30%? Well that number used to be 3% or less. It's a growing market. People want HDTVs. Companies like Vizio and Westinghouse are offering the entry-level HDTVs for families on a tighter budget.

It's like when people had black and white TVs and upgraded to color. The whole world didn't just upgrade to color TV overnight. The same will go for HDTVs.

meepmoopmeep3744d ago

and the fact that SDTV's have pretty much stopped in production like a year or two ago.

badz1493744d ago

had bitrate just above half the Bluray's! although this is already a known fact but this kind of article will be the slap in the face for those touting DD is taking over BD soon! even the ISPs are disagreeing with the idea by putting caps!

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zo6_lover273744d ago

Wow, this article just proved that Bluray > Digital Downloads
DD won't be taking over anytime soon

iHEARTboobs3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I agree with the two above. Now lets tar and feather all the naysayers!

issa30323744d ago

Blu-ray just pwned digital downloads, cable, satellite, Apple TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTw, I wonder what bitrate the PS3's video store uses.

Dyingduck3744d ago

DD will never take over Blu-rays...rofl

PirateThom3744d ago

I have been telling people this for ages, but apparently I was wrong since dd is as good as discs.

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