Gametrailers review: Spore

Spore's quirky take on Darwinism seems like a sure fit for anyone with a mind for creativity, but is that enough to make it a natural selection?

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Sangria3598d ago

No comparative videos? I'm disappointed :(

Hannah Montana3598d ago

IMO - the 360 version would have won

Perjoss3598d ago

its not fair to make comparison video with 360 vs ps3 anyway, as teh cell is so powerful.

DavidMacDougall3598d ago

This got 8.8 and Mercs2 got 8.9 LOL!!!

tocrazed4you3598d ago

Oh noooo pooor sporeee bad reviewww still pretty good though

Xwow20083598d ago

lately gametrailers gave a lot of games 8.8,anyone noticed???

marichuu3598d ago

Overrated game is overrated.
Played it for barely 5 hours and got tired of it... there's no challenge in it.

Droid3598d ago

poor anti evolution jews hate this game! haahHAHAh this game does suck! I agree with a jew for once! (but not JEWKIN GROSS!!!)

BLuKhaos3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I don't know about the jews but I believe its the Christians that are Pro-creationism and Anti-evolution. I have nothing against jews but this video is funny.

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