Resistance 2 beta pushes PS3's online qualities

Tim Conneally writes:

"Sony's PlayStation Network, while considerably less mature than Microsoft's Xbox Live, especially in terms of software support, will soon grow with the release of banner online titles for the Christmas season.

For annual subscribers to Qore, the PlayStation online magazine, and North American customers who pre-ordered Resistance 2 from retailer GameStop, a beta of the online FPS has begun. The title is the sequel to the popular PS3 first person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man.

While technically not a public beta yet, the PlayStation blog reports that "premier access" can be gained at any time by subscribing to Qore or pre-ordering the title. In October, however, the widespread (read: free) public beta will begin.

Sony is pressing forward with its online play catalog, and highlighted what it hopes to be its future superiority in the field at E3 this year with early demos of MAG (Massive Action Game) which promises an unprecedented 256 maximum simultaneous players."

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zzzzac13722d ago

Yeah right! Xbox Live is full of 12 year old idiots. 12 YEAR OLD IMMATURE IDIOTS.

cmrbe3722d ago

to the fact that xbolive has been out longer and therefore more developed i.e matured.

DavidMacDougall3722d ago

R2 pushs it MAG kills the abox

rodeoo3721d ago

you have to be the dumbest xbot ive come across so far.

komp3722d ago

R2 is lag free in a 60 player room.

chaosatom3722d ago

if i didn't get through the application.

but I have a feeling that they just might accept me for 60-player battles.

SpecialSauce3722d ago

if u already bought all episodes? the annual subscription button isn't there any more. i'm getting sick of qore. i bought all four episodes and still not one beta and already 2 have started that are on there. WTF now i have to buy an annual subscription to get in?

Hagaf223721d ago

very true, i did notice there was no lag in a full 60 player room, very nice!

Panthers3721d ago

That is awesome. I was in the closed beta and we never had a 60 player battle because of not enough people. I am glad that it doesnt create lag.

aceitman3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

its not available for download its letting you be aware of registration for beta your not going too download it until they say so its got to be soon .

Hagaf223721d ago

were referring to the private...

mikeslemonade3721d ago

In terms of lag-free the PS3 had already surpassed anything on xbox live with Resistance 1.

SL1M DADDY3721d ago

Indeed you are correct. And seeing as how R2 is "bigger, better and more badass" than the first one, it is a given that it will help the PSN grow even further.

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DTClown3722d ago

that R2 is "pushing" the PSN with a 60 player online game. They are making MAG that will have 256 online players on one map! People are freakin out over a damn BETA! Come on folks, wise up/grow up.

shutupandplay3722d ago

cool! the entire psn can be in one game of mag!

Fishy Fingers3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

PSN: As of May 16, 2008, there are over 9.8 million registered PlayStation Network accounts worldwide (not sure if that includes multiple accounts or IP)

Live: On May 14, 2008 Microsoft announced 12 million members. (Gold and Silver)

Either way there's never a shortage of gamers on PSN or Live.

chaosatom3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

MAG and Resistance 2 are totally different games.

I don't know how good Mags graphics will be, but R2 is definitely notching it up.

Atleast for 2008, Resistance will be pushing online features.

Polluted3721d ago

Fishy, I think the PSN numbers are a little inflated because the majority of people will have more than one account. I have one in each region for the PS stores and I switched my PSN a while back so that's another one. Lot's of people have more than one person per household that likes to play too.

Your point still stands, though. There are tons of people on PSN.

Ri0tSquad3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Same with Xbox Live. I have some friends that create 2 or 3 more accounts for a free month of Xbox Live.

krauley3721d ago

My step son has 2 accounts of his own on xbl, my step daughter has 1 and I have my own on only one machine so statistic wise this could mean 4 out of the 10 million xbl users. I’m not saying that every xbox has multiple accounts but im sure a big percentage of them are multi-user machines. Now I also believe the psn has the same situation going on with those numbers too.

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MaximusPrime3722d ago

comparing xbox live and PSN. i actually prefer PSN more than xbox live.

[email protected]3721d ago

Without a doubt especially the free part ^__^

Wotbot3721d ago

is way better then PSN. Sorry it doesn't even compete with it yet.

Fishy Fingers3722d ago

So have any of you guys managed to get in through beta sign-up's (not Qore or pre-order, I'm not US)?

EastCoastSB3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Although I don't think it's because I signed up, I think I got randomly selected for the private beta.

EDIT: The sign ups are for the public beta which i think starts next month so I guess the answer to your question is no.

Fishy Fingers3722d ago

Bugger... :( But lucky you, enjoy it.