GI.Biz: The Future 500 Interview

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Last year's Courvoisier Future 500 was the first time the list of the top 500 'ones to watch' was selected across a range of business arenas.

This year it's back for more, and here IGA's Ed Bartlett explains why the list is important, and how it's relevant to the videogames industry.

Q: Can you explain the reasons behind having a list like this?

Ed Bartlett: Courvoisier Future 500 is more than simply a list, it's an active, hand-picked network of some of the brightest individuals from a range of different industries. We wanted to find and nurture potential industry leaders of the future rather than simply celebrating the established leaders of today, highlighting both their individual and collective stories to the press whilst offering them a secure forum for networking."

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