BigDownload: From Spore to Space: Tribal Stage

Now that you have found your first tools in Spore and figured out how to use them, what are you to do? You can continue lazing about in creature mode, wrecking havoc on all who come your way. This can be fun, especially if you decide to take on an Epic. The better alternative, though, is to continue down the path to space-faring sentience! However, upon forming a tribe, the basic gameplay of the game changes significantly, as you are now controlling more than one creature! So for those of you that are confused, we've got you covered.

Before starting the Tribal Stage, you will be prompted to change your creature one last time. Unless you are absolutely purely satisfied with your creature the way it is, take this opportunity! It'll be the last time during the course of a regular game that you can make major changes to your creature's body. Since you should have most or all of the parts unlocked at the end of the creature mode, have fun making the creature that you want! There will be more opportunities for creature customization, just not body customization.

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