NCSoft Ditching "Lighter" Games To Focus on Triple A Titles

NCsoft's move today to a single new label for their studios marks more than just a shift in management teams and consolidation of subsidiaries> It's also the first step in the company's decision to refocus their efforts on large, triple-A massively multiplayer games, David Reid, NC West president of publishing told Kotaku today.

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Harry1903717d ago

can be a dangerous game for devs. If the genre in which you are profligate suddenly takes a dip in popularity, you are basically screwed. This industry is not all about AAA experience.

The very definition of AAA means that it can be a hit and miss. Sure, AAA is all about the glitter and great production values, but it is often from the games with lower budgets that creativity and fun comes the most from. Look at LBP or LoCoRoCo, made by studios with very little people.

Anywa,some studios with a certin pedigree do have to keep up and only make big budget games.I guess that's the way NC wants to go. Who can blame them.