Should We Really be Telling the Games Media to Shut Up?

PC World writes: We have our share of inside name-callers, people who love to quip and snark when someone in the industry dares to mention the words "ethics" and "journalism" in the same sentence. You're not supposed to eat where you answer nature's call, goes this line of thinking. You're not supposed to talk about how the sausage is made. It's anathema. You either get how to be a good reporter or you don't. It "goes without saying."

Except when it doesn't, and I doubt I'll have to protest very loudly given polling data I cite above for that to resonate with readers. So I have to strongly disagree with this fellow, whose bizarrely hostile response to Dan Hsu's "Behind the Scenes: Gaming Journalism (Part 1)" is to write "Do us all a favor...shut up."

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name3720d ago

What does the picture have to do with the story

Pebz3720d ago

The actual, non-cropped, picture in the article has the headline: "YOU WRITE WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!", which is a typical propaganda poster, which is basically what the story is about.

Cajun Chicken3720d ago

Not if someones telling the truth.

Seriously, I can't wait to read some kind of book about all the bribes and sabotage behind the scenes between publishers and developers this gen, no doubt we will find some horrible examples and find that people have been tainting our taste of games in the progress.
I especially love to read the section about MS's mud slinging tactics this generation, it doesn't take a genius that its been going on a lot and Valve certainly didn't help.

Pebz3720d ago

Just read some books concerning the same subjects on politics, religion, whatever really... same deal, different names.

Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo... no difference. Some are just better than others at making their competitors look worse, same tactic as used in politics. Corporate loyalties lie purely with their shareholders, not the costumers.