Xbox World 360: Supreme Commander Review

Xbox World 360 writes: "Look at that for a title. It could only be more bombastic if they tacked 'BITCHES' on the end. It makes absolutely no secret of being the most hardcore, epic, extreme, uncompromising real-time strategy game around. And playing it at last on 360, you start to wish they'd compromised a bit.

You can zoom smoothly from a tree filling the screen, to an entire country laid out before you like you're peering down through British Airways plexiglass. You can have up to 500 units fighting in a single game, some of them the size of Stevenage, others in fleets, armadas and battalions. You can build cities that dwarf Manhattan, entirely of your own free design, whirring and bleeping with interconnected science-fictionology, mind-boggling to behold. But... it doesn't. Run. Well."

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Sez 3746d ago

i hate to admitt it. as much as i love this game and play it online with others and with MOD's. it's not meant to be played on consoles. i am truely not mad at the score it got. PC is better.