GameSpy: BioShock Preview

GameSpy writes: "When it was released last autumn, Irrational Games' BioShock was lauded by many as a modern-day masterpiece. The first-person shooter adeptly melded a riveting story with an art-deco visual style that hadn't been explored in videogames, creating a unique experience that gamers were talking about for months after its release. Unfortunately, only Xbox 360 and PC owners were able to experience it for themselves, as the PlayStation 3 version of the game was still in development. Whether or not this extra development time paid off is still open to debate, but the time we spent with BioShock certainly impressed us.

We won't give away too much of the storyline, since we'd wager that many of the people reading this preview have been eagerly waiting for the game's release on the PS3 and have been trying their best to avoid spoilers. BioShock starts with a bang, as the plane your character is traveling in violently crashes into the ocean. As you break the surface, the first thing you'll notice is a towering lighthouse on top of a small island. Upon entering, you'll walk downstairs to a waiting bathysphere, which will take you to the undersea metropolis of Rapture. Created by industrial magnate Andrew Ryan, Rapture was intended to be a place where men and women would be rewarded for their hard work and where a society of elites could flourish. Naturally, something went terribly wrong and now you've got to find a way out, as well as unlock the secrets of the city."

+Same great BioShock action and story
+Slightly improved audio
+Downloadable challenges after the game launches

-Will there be any reason to play the game again?
-How much will the challenges cost?

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lagoonalight3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Uncompressed audio matters to some of us. It should to all of us.

Anyway, another great feature to be skipped over by the press?

name3724d ago

This looks really good. Uncompressed audio is a plus. I don't even care though, I'm happy about the challenge rooms and the survival difficulty.

bluecapone3724d ago

people make it seem like everyone has played this game before when thats clearly not the case

Vulcan Raven3724d ago

Those of us who own only a Ps3 have never played it. Speaking for myself anyway. I look forward to this game.