GameSpy: Guitar Hero World Tour Preview

GameSpy writes: "Over the last few weeks, I've sat by helplessly as my fellow editors have attended Leipzig and PAX and gotten to do something I'd yet to: play Guitar Hero World Tour. Activision's answer to Rock Band is shipping with a more elaborate drum kit and a revamped guitar with a new slide bar, and this week marked the first time I -- and many other people in attendance at an Activision press event -- would actually get my hands on the new gear or take a good look at the game's setlist. Over the next week, we'll be revealing a great deal of info on the game, and that coverage kicks off today with some basic impressions.

The first big decision of the night, obviously, was what to play first. Drums? Guitar? Which songs? I eventually opted to try out guitar on Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" While the guitar's shape has changed (the series' licensing deal with Gibson has ended), the wireless controller still feels very similar to GH3's Les Paul, with some interesting tweaks. The strum bar is longer, and the "bridge" area is actually a large button you can rest your palm on and press to activate Star Power."

+New drum kit has a nice bouncy feel to it
+Guitar feels on par with the Les Paul

-We're still getting a feel for the kick pedal
-Vocals could use a little more visual feedback

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