Too Human makes us say the darndest things wrote about the ludicrous things you end up talking about when playing Too Human...

From the article: "One of the drawbacks of playing Too human with someone like Lono is the contagious manner in which he tweaks his character. We fight one battle for 5 minutes then spend the next 20 minutes adding gear and tweaking runes. Honestly, its not my idea of fun, but he doesn't give me much of a choice.

So, rather than staring at my guy, I too spend an eternity in the menus. Sadly, now I find myself getting addicted to tweaking. Because of this new obsession, we found ourselves in some very odd conversations. Some of these sound bites would be truly hysterical, if we were being recorded.

Fortunately, I have the next best thing. Embarrassment follows, after the jump."

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