3rd Parties Take Note: Wii Core Games Wanted!

As Microsoft and Sony continue compete for the same audience and maintain minimum growth, Nintendo released the Wii and it captured the expanded audience by capitalizing on an innovative approach to conventional video games. By applying this strategy to the development of Wii titles, 3rd parties can capitalize on a tremendous opportunity to reach a hungry core gaming audience and reach critical sales success. examines the opportunity for 3rd party publishers to apply the same principles that made the Wii successful to its development of core titles for the Wii and how it will prove successful.

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TruthbeTold3746d ago

1. Twilight Princess was supposed to have been released for GC back in 2004 but was delayed to be used as a Wii launch title. Many people who weren't satisfied with the style of Wind Waker felt cheated and were "starving". Once TP was released, and as good as the game was, was seen to be a GC port people again felt cheated to some extent and began to expect something sooner than Nintendo plans to offer it.

2. Metroid Prime 3 was a beautiful game, and rather fun, but aside from the not often used grappling hook, and the FPS aspect, there was nothing really fresh about it as compared to the first two games in the series. It's like eating the same cereal every day. The cereal is good, but you wait for some new taste to be added, but all you get is a bigger box with more cereal in it and maybe a different plastic prize that you don't care much about.

3. Super Mario Galaxy was a great game. They hit just about everything right on with it imo, but then again, the game was in development in one way or another for half a decade.

4. Super Smash Bros Brawl is a masterpiece for gaming at home with friends, but a nightmare online. This relegates it to a weekend game. And after a few months of play, it becomes a weekend game that you play once or twice per month.

5. The fact of the matter is that Nintendo is missing the mark on replay value, and are not releasing enough quality games to satisfy the appetite of those who use gaming as a major form of entertainment. (Choosing it over TV and whatnot). Does it mean that they've forgotten the "core" gamer? No. But they are failing them. When people want to give your company more money, but you have nothing for them, or try to force something down their throats that they don't want, it is failure.

Those who are satisfied, or pretend to be in order to protect Nintendo just don't get it. People have money to spend. They want to spend it on the types of Nintendo products that they enjoy. The ones already released are not enough. The ball is in Nintendo's court, and making excuses and blaming the customer is not the correct approach.

kunit22c3746d ago

nintendo doesnt care about hard core gamers anymore its only hard core gamers taht look up release dates and what not. they are aiming for casual gamers, and they are succeeding, and about them not producing enough games... for a hard core gamer maybe, but casual gamers dont get bored as fast as hard core gamers, my friend is a casual gamer and he is still having insane fun with brawl, im just saying they can have fun with a game for a while so they will still be having fun with that game even after nintendo makes a new casual game. so nintendo IS hitting the mark just not for hardcore gamers but that isnt their target anyway. also dont get me wrong nintendo also wants to please some hard core gamers with games like "disaster day of crisis" and "The Conduit" and i am excited for both of those games. Im a bit of a casual and hard core gamer i like both types of games so the Wii is my type of console but i also like the ps3, i wasnt gonna get one until i heard about Playstation Home because the only thing taht was stoping me from getting one was the bad online but yeah you get my point, but not the 360 because i mean yeah it has some good games but it dies and freezes up too much.

TruthbeTold3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I never said that Nintendo is failing the casual gamer. Just the "core" gamer.

@ scissor_runner:

What Nintendo did in the past regarding the rate they put out good games is irrelevant in this new era where gaming has become a top entertainment choice for so many. I don't buy Cable or watch much TV outside of the news, I game. Since the Wii is relatively underpowered and misses out on the majority of multi-platform core games, the problem is compounded even more-so.

I do agree that things wouldn't be as bad if 3rd party developers hadn't been so wary toward the Wii at first, or saturated the game supply with crap.

I liked MP3 alot, but I do have the issues with it that I mentioned above. And While I do own BWii, I didn't beat it because the strategy element of it is lacking to a great degree. I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of Total War, and I more or less got a 3D Metal Slug which is my bad. But I still enjoyed it a bit.

I have absolutely no interest in a 2D Wario waggle platform game, or Wii music, or gimpy, gamecubey Animal Crossing. At most I'd rent Wario: Shake it, but that's it.

All of that being said, I'm glad that Disaster day of Crisis is coming out still, and hopefully soon. I'll definitely be getting Tales of Symphonia 2. And I didn't know until like last week that there was a Rygar remake in the works for December, so I'm a bit excited about that.

Even so, as for now, I have to settle for PS2 looking Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, with pretty much nothing until November unless we get Disaster at the same time as the rest of the world. And of all of the games I mentioned, the only one that will likely be a deep experience and have tons of replay value after beating it once will be Tales of Symphonia.

N4g_null3746d ago

Hey I'll take your word but I have to ask how far have you gotten in metroid prime? It's not an easy game but let me tel you it is a sweet ride and will take some great skills at 3d platforming and shooting.

I also have to ask how far have you gotten in Bwii because you actually get to fly planes and you can still set up people to attack. There is plenty of strategy in that game. Yet it may be too hardcore.

Another game is excite truck. Seriously rent it first and try and beat it. If you are not hooked half way thourgh then you may want to adjust your tastes because I think there is an epidemic with the current hardcore because they are not really hardcore. The games that hardcore should love just are not what these guys want any more.

I blamed this on PC users becoming console owners because of how they look down on certain games before trying them out. Hell even I beat metal gear with a friend in one night marathon well 2 days and a sick day from work. I can understand why people are not buying it or why japan doesn't like it.

Instead of crushing a game people turn off their console and blog about it LOL. I mean now I understand why head sets are needed it's to vent your frustration LOL. I also understand why you guys don't have any thing to play because you don't really like a challenge. That's cool with me but your in the wrong hobby you should star collecting comics or some thing. You guys simply are not that good at gaming. I mean you do have to get good and it does take practice.

I mean do you guys even replay games that are not online tourneys?

ChickeyCantor3746d ago

" Many people who weren't satisfied with the style of Wind Waker felt cheated and were "starving"."

To hell with them then. XD
Seriously it's one of the best Zelda game/Game that i ever played.
You need to finish it to understand it. And most people didn't even try because it was "kiddy".
People who have not played the game missed out big time, it was truely a great masterpiece on its own.

jtucker783745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Metroid 3 is not even close to being a beautiful game.
It looks good ... for a Wii. In any other context it's well below average in the visual department. Especially a game that came out in 2007. Compare it to Bioshock also 2007. That is a beautiful game.

Metroid 3 - The game controls well - full stop. Actually that is probably a little harsh. Collecting information, scanning stuff and finding out more about the story is quite interesting and it is rather compelling, but it's the story that makes you want to comtinue, not the visuals. They're virtually the same as Prime.

And don't dis Wind Waker. Wind Waker visuals were awesome for the time.

jtucker783745d ago

sidar - I agree with you that Wind Waker was excellent. It was probably one of my best Gamecube experiences. RE4 was probably the best.
Shame Capcom had to bypass the Wii in order to fully realise RE5.

Anyway...this is the perception problem. All Nintendo's games are full of cartoon characters. People aren't giving the games a chance because they all look kiddy. Which is a shame.

Bambi, The Lion King and WALL-E are all great movies, (like Mario and Zelda are great games) but it's nice to watch something other than a Disney movie occasionally.
Sometimes you just want to watch Terminator 2. That's were the Wii falls down.

Nintendo is like Disney. Mario Galaxy was amazing, but sometimes you just want to shoot all your enemies into a bl00dy mess.

It's a shame Nintendo didn't step up to this generation with its hardware, especially as developers are going multiplatform now.

It would be a perfect world if I had, Mario, Zelda, GTA4, CoD4, Bioshock and RE5 on the same console.

ChickeyCantor3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Metroid was to far in the development project before it officially became a Wii title, yet their artstyle stands out above it all.
I seriously want to see a combination of their Artdirection and HVS Quantum3 engine.

"but sometimes you just want to shoot all your enemies into a bl00dy mess.
And therefor there are other games for that.
Honestly I'm not really into beating everything up, not even "sometimes".

"It's a shame Nintendo didn't step up to this generation with its hardware, especially as developers are going multiplatform now."
I also think that this is a NES( not hardware xD) and eventually Super-Wii(or Wii2 how you people call it) will be the SNES.
There was a huge jump between the two. And i also believe that is whats going to happen next.

jtucker783745d ago

I hope you're right sidar.

If that happens (NES to SNES jump) I'll definitely buy the next Nintendo (SuperWii, Wii2 ...etc)

Even the Wii can't ruin my love of Zelda.

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N4g_null3746d ago

Both of you guys are missing the mark it has always been up to nintendo to provide the system and every one else did the games. It's always been like that. 3rd parties just are not making hardcore games or either their talent has left.

I could have used a more hardcore mario because I'm just a platforming freak skill wise every thing else just framed that part nicely.

Actually if you CAN beat metroid you would see how hardcore it is. That game is pretty challenging but that maybe why it doesn't get to be higher up on peoples list.

Bwii is actually pretty hardcore too since it's aRTS and FPS at the same time. It may actually be too hardcore yet the graphics where suppose to ease you in LOL. Seriously advance wars and they game need to have a collaboration.

But all of that is besides the point. The 3rd parties are starting to show up and the last month has been very eye opening. So far we are getting a new game announced every week almost if you are keeping count and when that's not happening we are getting new screens shots and vids of the games actually being played. People are excited and if your not then your just out of the loop and your not as hardcore as you make your self out to be. I mean really do we still need those long game list?

Oh yeah the new bomberman on wiiware is going to be sweet wifi and you get new moves and hell even the adventure mode looks sweet. Then you have new RGPs from jaleco, great new games just keep coming out. The 3rd parties are ready to make some money now. All the really big publishers have been a let down even on the HD systems.

The key is a lot of these 3rd party games are new IPs. Hardly any of them have sequels attached to the name which is sweet.

Remember this is some thing the 3rd party is suppose to do. I mean even with MS and SONY do you really think their system would even survive if every one left, which has basically happened. Those guys are running out of sequels to make that will sale.

Gr813746d ago

Someone mentions the Masterpiece that is Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Its one of the most polished games Nintendo has EVER released. I can't believe people are still spouting the non sense of "Nintendo doesn't care about the hardcore"

On the money again my friend, I doubt M$ or Sony could survive as Nintendo did without third party support. The third parties are waking up and how could they not? Wii is approaching 50% market share and many of these companies that bet on the HD consoles (heavily) are in the red.

I cant say it enough, this is deja vu, DS has done what Wii is doing. DS was first only profitable to Nintendo and 3rd parties bet heavily on PSP. Look at the picture today.

N4g_null3746d ago

That's all the more reason why 3rd parties can and will if they like money. Why focus on nintendo when you don't even know any good games by them. I mean if you beat metroid then you can talk but really if you have you wouldn't be talking like that.

Man I remember nintendo in the arcade... yep that lasted how long? The SNES rocked and the NES rocked because nintendo found away to get systems in the house hold no matter who bought them. The the 3rd parties brought in the goods.

I just don't understand you guys well actually I do but that mostly your problem. Hate what ever you like man it won't change any thing unless you have a job in the industry, which would make this even worst for you LOL.

HighDefinition3746d ago

First off all I cared about was Nintendo when I was young.

Second, I make more $$$ then most writers for most magazines, that would be a step down, for me.

ChickeyCantor3746d ago

In what way do they not care?
They have been producing these casual stuff since the dawn of their software development days.

I've said it before. Wii isn't doing something new in terms of business direction. It's actually improving what the NES did.
That console along side with the SNES were MAJOR CASUAL CONSOLES.
We had no "hardcore" gamers back then. Only thing that came close to "hardcore" were GEEKS and NERDS. Nintendo wasn't promoting to GEEKS AND NERDS they were promoting to families/everyone.

Just search the web and realize how much "casual" crap they made back in the days. Because you didn't pay attention to them didn't mean there weren't there.
Just like how you guys ignore the fact that Nintendo IS making software for the traditional gamer that got an N64 and/or GCN but aren't talking about it.
And since you can't see them now you guys think they do not exist.

That they don't care is such illogical BS.
Even Nintendo knows it's not going to be easy to maintain the current status with a new console. And they definitely don't want to miss out the money they could get from "core" gamers.

If most people got it as a second console, then there mostlikely is a "core" audience for the Wii( and there is).
In other words they could bring in MORE money.

HighDefinition3745d ago

Were not going thru this again.


Voiceofreason3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Some people like to say the same BS over and over and they have no reason to say it. They just want to say it and explaining it would only get in the way of their hate for certain products. Nintendo doesnt care about Sony gamers. they care about Nintendo gamers. Thats why they have released more games for Wii then they did for GC or N64 in the same time frame.They are doing better this gen then they have in th last 2 when it comes to games. The only people who are upset are Sony gamers claiming to be Nintendo gamers yet they know nothing about them as a company or their games. The Wii could be 3 times as powerful as the PS3 with 10 times the library it has right now and that kid would still be crying about how Nintendo doesnt care. they wrongly think if they shout loud enough about how bad a console they've never played is they might get someone to not buy one.

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Product3745d ago

Who ever said Metroid Prime 3 isnt a visually great game doesnt know a thing about art direction.They are not "virtually" the same as Prime 1 go look at screen shots.I dont even think most users have beat Metroid if you have then you know its an exploration game.People really dont have a clue about Nintendo,Nintendo brings their A game when they make games which is way better then Sony and Microsoft not making games themselves they rely to heavily on third party which is why everything is starting to go mulitplat and certain games arent console exclusives anymore.
Nintendo right now with the wii is coming along with third party support and scissor runner was right about a new game being announced every week almost.You have great games coming our way and most we dont even know about because Nintendo doesnt try to hype most of their games a year or so in advance like Sony and MS so how can we even know about 2009.Wii has great games but if they dont have blood and guns then most users dont care..period.Its sad but true like someone said the new Bomberman for wii looks many will buy it?not alot and its sad because bomberman games are really alot of fun.
How bout the new Megaman 9,its going to be mulitplatform and how many will buy it?prolly just wii owners because the graphics and 8-bit approach scare hd consoles owners away,which is sad because Megaman games are some of the most challenging games youll play.
Its sad how many people this gen bash Nintendo just because they dont give most of the games a chance just because its different or does something different then have blood and guns.
Its not Nintendos fault for third parties not stepping up........thats third parties faults,but as you can see in the future things are starting to look up for wii imo.