IGN: The Game of Life - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition Review

IGN writes: "No board game can effectively instill in you that sinking realization of the looming repercussions of financial and familial responsibility quite like The Game of Life. It's a board game that, as it has evolved over the years, has let players engage in all the fun things this world has to offer: getting a job, taking on college loan debt, and paying bills, amongst other things. Maybe the lure for the game is the lessened degree of agency. Your involvement with these responsibilities is generally managed by the spin of a numbered wheel, which is certainly less of a headache than filling out actual loan paper work or submitting employment applications. It's in several ways a precursor to Maxis' The Sims, letting players observe the lives of others while giving them a degree of control.

Most of the complexities of the original Game of Life version have been wiped away in the SpongeBob SquarePants Edition. This version's for the kids, the really young ones. You don't acquire families here, just pets. You don't take on debt for going to college, and you don't take out insurance policies. Home ownership is still a part of the game, but it's been wrapped in the SpongeBob fiction, so you'll find housing options include things like pineapples, underwater caves, and ghost ships."

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