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Just to be clear: we've been playing and testing VR games for years now and we've only ever once felt physically sick whilst doing do. (Dying Light back in 2013, thanks for asking.)

But it only took 30 minutes for Driveclub VR to make that twice.

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madmonkey01498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

I remember the original got some abuse from critics, but i really enjoyed it. So I hold out hope for this. I have heard that motion sickness wont effect every person, and those that do get effected may get used to the VR eventually.

Neonridr498d ago

yeah it really depends on the person. But it's definitely no joke though. For people who are jumping on the VR bandwagon for the first time, they need to understand that they are probably going to have to limit their playtime, at least for the first little bit. It does get better over time (unless you are an extreme case), and with more exposure your body will eventually get used to it.

Can definitely be jarring the first few times though, but that also depends on the type of game.

Septic498d ago

I haven't tried it but I really hope I don't get motion sickness. Well this could be a big problem for VR in general ..

Neonridr498d ago

@Septic - With PSVR taking VR mainstream you will definitely hear more about it. But surprised that Driveclub would be the culprit. Usually cockpit style games (racing, flight sims, space sims) where your body is expected to be not moving are the easiest games to experience in VR and it's the ones where your character is walking around while your body is stationary that results in the most complications. Your brain and body have conflicting feelings because your eyes and brain are telling your body that you should be moving, however your body knows better. But that mismatch of information is usually what results in that queasy feeling.

It hits some people more than others and there are plenty of people over on reddit who were perfectly fine while playing. The only suggestion I have for you is that if you feel sick at all, to stop and take a break. Come back when you feel better. The more you use it and expose yourself to it, the easier it will get.

morganfell497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I have played a lot of VR on Oculus and I only felt queasy once and it certainly wasn't from something as sedate as a racing game and racing games are calm implementations of VR. But Quake VR once the speed picks up and you get into some of the vertical levels rife with aspect changes, then you may feel it. The more I played Quake the effect dropped off.

When aspects are changing rapidly and the signals from your brain are telling your body something that your body says isn't happening the adaption can induce some nausea at times until you get used to it. But a standard racing game? Even some flight titles didn't affect me.


@Neonridr, yeah there are some people that lower levels of disorientation affect more powerfully and then there are some people I am sure nothing could get them 99% of the time. I spent a lot of time sky diving as well time on dive boats and never had an issue til Quake VR. And no issues since. But VR with that brain/body disconnect will get to some people on varying levels. And of course there is always that person that says, "It never bothers me..not ever!" and then that special day comes along...

Neonridr497d ago

@morganfell - yeah, usually cockpit style games are the easiest to take in VR since your body isn't expected to be moving around, only the surrounding environment. But I have heard of some people having issues with Project Cars on the Rift. Some people had to change to a locked horizon to help them acclimate better.

I felt it bad in Adr1ft the first time I played it. But I began to get accustomed to it the more I played with it.

nix497d ago (Edited 496d ago )

i got motion sickness while playing TLOU and UC4. it was traumatic for me. i somehow managed to finish UC4 by taking a day rest. i watched TLOU videos on Youtube from the half way through. i'm quite worried about VR even though i really wanna buy one.

i never got sickness from Bloodborne, UC series, Killzone/Resistance or any games so far. these two are the only ones giving me problem.

Motion sickness can render you helpless. you just can't do anything really. i had to go and lie down on my bed with eyes closed for 30 minutes or so. it can really screw your brain.

Motion sickness can hit some people and some may not be affected by it at all.

@Neo, thankfully i can't remember any movie making me sick. But there may have been scenes that made me feel little uncomfortable. I can't exactly remember the scenes or the movies though.

Neonridr497d ago

@nix - absolutely. And the last thing you want to do is try to push through and keep playing. It will only make it worse. VR definitely needs to be taken in moderation, especially when you are first starting out with it.

Do you get motion sickness from movies too? Like Blair Witch for example? (ignoring the fact that horror may not be your thing, just the way it was shot).

UltraNova497d ago

Sony should really implement a VR comfort level system like Oculus has. It will help fend off complaints and some potential law suits for sure.

Cindy-rella497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I remember getting motion sickness from fps games years ago because i was used to playing them but i got used to it. Basically the game got low review scores because the tech is new and it affects people that arent used to it. Sounds good

If anyone here has tried psvr or any vr in general for an extended amount of time they'd know that it takes a while before your body gets used to certain games. Some games were ok initially and some made me feel weird at first but after using it for a while your body gets used to it. To each his own

ravinash497d ago

It'll take me back to the old days when I was young and I used to get car sick. Good Times!

fr0sty496d ago

Must be very dependent on the user, I experienced no motion sickness at all after playing it and various other games for about 2 hours last night.

Timesplitter14496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

The sickness fades away with time, but not the annoyingness. Even if these games don't make you dizzy anymore after getting accustomed to it, you still feel that there's something wrong and frustrating about them. There's something that just doesn't feel right. (I'm talking about VR games that have ignored common VR game dev advice and tried to shoehorn player movement into their design). What I'm trying to say is that getting accustomed to VR sickness still doesn't make those games good

Source: been doing VR since 2014

...even "Cockpit games" like Driveclub and EVE aren't that well suited for VR, because you still think your body should be feeling some kind of acceleration; but it doesn't. It's an incoherence that annoys your mind. There is still much left to explore and discover when it comes to VR game design, but for now "stationary games" and "teleportation games" seem to be the way to go for VR games

badz149496d ago

I think the issue of getting sick in DCVR is because the player keep looking all around while driving which is a pretty dumb thing to do. Try doing it in real life while driving a real car and I guarantee you'll get sick too.

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WibbleWaffle497d ago

I'm a Vive user and trust me is a big issue if you suffer from it, I have had a Vive since the start of June and I still cant play Project Cars, worthwhile to note that I do not suffer from motion sickness at all in real life, I love roller coasters I drive a motorbike and im sold on everything land and sea. However the first time I loaded up Project Cars I played about 10 min and it made me that ill I had to actually lie down for a good half an hour until I felt batter, now over time I have got better but I'm still not great in Project Cars. Best thing to take away from this is that you get better!

Neonridr496d ago

It turns out I am a little susceptible to sea sickness. But nothing else (rollercoasters, cars, fps, movies). Using the Rift I definitely had to acclimate for the first few uses. Some games were fine (EVE Valkyrie), others like Adr1ft, Luckys Tale, Dreadhalls definitely took some getting used to at first. Eventually it went away.

It is funny how people just automatically assume that they will be fine and that this "sickness" is going to be just a handful of people here and there. It's probably going to affect more than they think.

monkey602496d ago

Right there with you dude. I drive a bike, Surf in my spare time, love theme parks and have only ever experienced motion sickness once before when on a ferry in a gale force storm.

Today though after playing a few demos for the VR I was fine. Driveclub really started to make me uneasy so I had to go get a rest.
There may have been a few factors though I was absolutely shattered after staying up until stupid o clock playing gears and getting up early.

ninsigma497d ago (Edited 496d ago )

I know what you mean but this actually is true love. I played the demo today on mine and I had to switch to something else after a lap and a half. Unfortunately that news stuff is true this time. Well from what I experienced anyway! So I do highly recommend trying out the demo before spending money on it.

Edit: True love?? The hell?? XD
Freaking phone xD

MrDead497d ago

It got an 8/10 from Videogamer and the reviewer didn't feel sick.

Unfortunately it's a positive review so it won't get any love from N4G.

Neonridr496d ago

yeah VR affects everyone differently. Some people have iron stomachs.

MasterCornholio496d ago

It's been submitted. Hopefully it gets approved.


NXSwitch496d ago

Right keep dreaming. The games a fail from the start & now its doing another fail for VR. How can you say hold on, what you want gamers to continue to get sick until they feel better & what if it hurts them completely because they held on to the hope you gave them? You make me sick!

XanderZane496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

The only problem is these reviewers said they never get motion sickness in a VR game and this is only the 2nd game that has caused that. How does that bold for the first 100K gamers who try DC VR? I get motion sickness in cars when I read. Also when I play certain TPS games like Splatoon. That game gets my stomach queezy after 30 mins. I'm pretty sure this game will do the same.

Obviously it's more then just one person who is having a problem with this game.

donthate496d ago ShowReplies(2)
Amongunz496d ago

Project cars on oculus makes me REALLY sick.. nothing else comes close.. and it lingers.. so from personal experience something about this article rings true.. as it was VERY noticeable..

yeahokwhatever496d ago

been playing PS VR since last night. Driveclub is actually a wonderful experience, especially in third person. The only motion sickness ive come across is certain times during respawning in Rigs. However, there is an option to disable that respawn type, and simplify it. They were aware of the issue with the respawn and allowed users to circumvent it if they wanted.

Loktai496d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you? What the hell kind of antiVR circlejerk is that?

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Septic498d ago ShowReplies(3)
AizenSosuke497d ago

Doesn't matter I'm still playing it.

497d ago
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obidanshinobi497d ago

Make sure you have a sick bucket next to you :D

nyctophilia13496d ago

I'll try the demo tonight and make my own opinion. Not worried about the graphical downgrade, I'm looking for as realistic a driving experience as possible.

Kreisen496d ago

You looking for the most realistic experience yet you play Driveclub? At least try something like Forza or GT.

nyctophilia13496d ago

@kriesen Neither of those are on PSVR so theyre not options.

NXSwitch496d ago

Ya from the hospital bed that is. You can't admit that you got ko'd (StreetFight announcer) from the VR.

yeahokwhatever496d ago

I found Driveclub to be among the more comfortable games I've played on PSVR. Oddly, I really like the 3rd person camera the best. It allows you to look around just like you're inside the car, but its just easier to see more. Rigs has a couple of moments here and there that might make one sick for a brief moment. Oddly, Valkyrie is really comfortable, and I experienced no motion sickness, despite there being more motion than the other games I've played on it. Battlezone is another one thats just really, really well done. BTW the graphics in the VR games is MORE than acceptable. Can't wait for my PS4 Pro.

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SCW1982497d ago (Edited 496d ago )

I feel like scoring a VR game off of your sickness with it is extremely subjective. It could just not be the game for you, that doesn't mean you trash it.

VideoGameLab497d ago

No game should make you puke while playing it. This is not the only site reporting this problem

SCW1982497d ago

I get that, but one person might be sick the other not. VR games are going to make reviewing games much tougher.

VideoGameLab497d ago

No game should ever make a single person sick. IF you can't make a VR game without that, don't make one.

Grievous497d ago

No car should make a person sick, yet it still happens.


@VideoGameLab you do realize it's inevitable that 1 out of 5 people may experience motion sickness using VR right? You're claim that the developers made it that way is idiotic.

TKCMuzzer497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Maybe not but this is a sure fire case of why reviews should be averaged out over 3 people.

People get motion sickness just sitting in the passenger seat of a car. I think we all have to except, like with travel sickness, there will just be a percentage of people who suffer. If they suffer with one driving game, I imagine most games of a similar genre will give a similar effect.

CrimsonWing69497d ago

People get sick playing normal games, that's just their problem and in no way should be assumed all players will experience that issue. It is however good to make note of it, but let's say I play the game and never get motion the hell is this score or review relevant to me? Oh wait...guess the review isn't for me then.

S2Killinit497d ago

Regular video games used to cause epileptic seizures in some people. I guess we shouldnt have video games today because those games should never have been made.

uptownsoul497d ago


You must be new to gaming. I remember when every single game had the warning of flashing lights might cause sickness (and or seizures)...By your argument none of those games should have been released???

andibandit497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I don't think most of you defending, read the review....theres like 3-4 people getting sick in there....and they're used to VR.

Pintheshadows496d ago

'No game should ever make a single person sick. IF you can't make a VR game without that, don't make one'.

You're kidding right? Right.

kraenk12496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

The problem here which causes motion sickness is the discrepancy between what your seeing and what your body expects to feel in said situation.
Some people are more sensitive to this than others, some simply have a visual impairment which causes the issue.
There are several technical developments which are striving to solve the issue. For example Samsung is working on headphones with electrodes (not kidding) which stimulate your brain in order to also really feel the movement your eyes are telling you to feel.

Sevir496d ago

Richard from Euro gamer said he got queezy from playing rush of blood, but was playing rigs and driveclub... he said that Sony's VR has a problem of not having a comfort rating like vibe and OR have . And that's a fair complaint to lobby against PSVR, but the reality is Motion Sickness will effect everyone differently. IGN had no complaints about DCVR.

Aenea496d ago

"No game should ever make a single person sick"

Yikes! Since I know some people who get sick from practically every FPS game they should stop making them altogether?

Sad day for us gamers when that happens!

Getting motion sickness in every game is rather subjective, VR or not. yes it can happen with more people in VR than with non-VR games, but doesn't mean it's not subjective...

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maybelovehate497d ago

Unless PSVR is offering refunds I would think this is important info. I would never buy a game that was making people sick on Oculus for the same reason. With no refunds not worth the risk.

ImGumbyDammit497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Actually it is subjective not objective.

But, to your point that is what a review is in the first place. One persons experience. However, if that experience is repeated in multiple reviews we tend to see it as a trend no? This is no different then saying a story is bland or a myriad of other reasons a reviewer did not like a game. It is all subjective. We take that review or reviews and weigh it against our own values and expectations.

PlayableGamez-496d ago

How can you review a game if it's unplayable to you?

Red_Renegade496d ago

you don't give it a bad score just cuz you can't play it. that's stupid.

Servbot41496d ago

What do you expect the reviewer to say? "The game made me vomit after playing for 20 minutes so I couldn't review it any further. 10/10"?

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