GameZone: DAZ 3d's Chad Smith talks about entering the world of 3D modeling

GameZone writes: ""…we get to empower hundreds of thousands of artists and storytellers who create things that we never could have imagined"

There are places where dreams can come to life, but it usually takes a refined artistic hand. But what if there was a way to create those dreams with incredible ease? Actually, there is, and the good news is the base program is free.

DAZ 3d Studio is a three-dimensional modeling program that allows users to take characters, tinker with them, pose them, drop them into backgrounds and create images upon the blank canvas. There are any number of ways to create the images, whether by using the strong in-program tools, or by purchasing presets.

The variety of ways to use the program but rather than go into those details, it might be easier to let Chad Smith, DAZ 3D's Chief Strategy Officer, talk about the program and its many applications."

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