The Decline in Good Multiplayer Experiences

"I was reading an article done by PC Gamer the other day about people’s greatest moments in MMO’s and it occurred to me, none of the experiences mentioned are recent. Nobody has fond memories of playing big multiplayer games in games today, or newer expansions of the games they had great times with. The multiplayer experience has become poor in recent years."

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madmonkey01708d ago

multiplayer in destiny is pretty popular, and pretty much every big FPS focuses on multiplayer over campaign

sdcard4gb707d ago

That's nowadays, before that Singleplayer campaign was the main, if not solitary, focus of every and each self-respecting FPS.

Tetsujin707d ago

I actually agree, all my best online memories were 10+ years ago. My first online game was a cross between Midnight Club 2 on the PS2 and Champions of Norrath. MMO wise it was Final Fantasy 11 in 2004. Before digital games it was RPing in Yahoo Chat rooms. I always feel bad knowing those experiences will never happen again. Back then the trolling was low, everyone had fun, and the occasional idiot existed only to be chased out by the community eventually. Now it's a completely different experience, most for the negative.

Zerace707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Agreed, the community in most of the big multiplayer games are dissapointing.

Skankinruby707d ago

If this were a sign of a rise in good single player games then I'd say hallelujah

sdcard4gb707d ago

Yup, and the world around you went to shit too.

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The story is too old to be commented.