GamersInfo Review: The Political Machine writes: "The November 2008 election defines a change in the American political conscience. Regardless of the outcome, the result of this vote is a future question on high school U.S. history exams. Though the outreach efforts of each candidate might not directly impact all of us, you might catch a glimpse of a rally on the news or watch a few seconds of a debate as they drum up support for their causes.

If you're curious about what happens behind the scenes of a presidential campaign, The Political Machine can help pull back the curtain on these strange rituals that define our government. Featuring modern-day and historical presidential figures, The Political Machine takes you on a strategic and calculating journey to the White House.

Your experience within the game depends on what you are looking for. If you have some time, a Campaign and 41 in-game weeks are waiting. If you are looking for something shorter, hop into Quick Play and customize such selections as time-limit and difficulty. If you want to run against a friend, you can connect to Stardock's server and play together."

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