TVG: Tom Clancy's HAWX Q&A Feature

TVG chats to HAWX Lead Game Designer Thomas Simon, as the Clancy brand reaches up to the sky...

Gun-toting special ops, gun-toting US military squads, and a gun-toting (albeit silenced) splinter cell - the triple bill of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy brands certainly share some things in common. But beginning with the release of EndWar later this Autumn (gun-toting armies), and the 2009 launch of HAWX, the publisher is looking to diversify its offerings...with gun-toting fighter jets!

Taking to the skies in a range of real-world military fighters, HAWX is set in the near future between the events of GRAW 2 and EndWar. TVG met up with Lead Game Designer, Thomas Simon, during the recent Game Convention in Leipzig to discuss the latest title from Ubisoft Bucharest..."

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