MotorStorm P.R. US Box Art Revealed

HDR has posted up a high-res image for the final US box art for MotorStorm Pacific Rift.

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shadowghost7523512d ago

This is just me but i prefer the one for Europe

Darkiewonder3512d ago

Pal Boxart definitely wins.

cwir3512d ago

It's not just you mate :)

PAL is better.

St03511d ago

Why do they even make them different. stupid idea imo

Statix3511d ago

This really speaks to how box art designers truly feel about the differences in demographics between the US and Europe. This design is just infantile and generic.

Orange3511d ago

agreed. If Jack T. is reading these posts, abort that box art.

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Fishy Fingers3512d ago

Ah so the original PAL cover submitted the other day was actually the US cover. Prefer the new PAL cover over this though.

PAL cover >

SullyDrake3511d ago

Bubbles for searching it for us.

Rob0g0rilla3511d ago

I actually prefer the US box art.

El_Colombiano3511d ago

The PAL box is boring...just blue. US box isn't too great either. Although better.

Daver3512d ago

ahhhh :( Europe box art is way better than this one

Harry1903512d ago

It actually resembles Motorstorm 1's cover.

PSWe603512d ago

all agree that the PAL box art is better.

Am I right?

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The story is too old to be commented.