First Impressions of Lich King's Naxxramas Dungeon

Players on the beta test of World of Wacraft's upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, were given the opportunity to take a look inside the first Raid Dungeon players will face, earlier this week.

Naxxramas, which is being redesigned for level 80 players in the expansion, was one of the favourite raids in original WoW. However, many players didn't get to see inside the original level 60 version, as WoW's first expansion was released shortly after Naxxramas opened its doors, raising the level cap to 70, making most of the gear inside the enormous and difficult dungeon obsolete.

Blizzard have updated the dungeon and moved its location to a new area in the game, where level cap players can face the denizens and enjoy the new loot that comes with it. took a look inside, and reported what they found. Has much changed since the level 60 version? Check out the screen shots and summary.

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Wuushu3723d ago

zamagad-waffle-BBQ, let the raiding... BEGIN!

Maticus3723d ago

I just missed out on Naxx the first time round - got in once but wasn't geared enough really. Can't wait for the chance to do it again :)

Leord3723d ago

Oooh, I have much faith in raiding for Lich King. Perhaps there won't be a need to be in a huge hardcore guild any more to experience the encounters (and to all whiners: Also get loot for the effort).

Maticus3723d ago

Indeed. You no longer need 40 people to be able to kill anything. Bonus :)

kalos3723d ago

I like the whole "not needing to gather up half an avenue's worth of people to visit the place" angle. Make it so Number One! :D

syrinx3723d ago

Nice summary. Looking forward to seeing the changes - armor skin etc.

Maticus3723d ago

The armor will keep the same models, but as you said, the skin is being changed. The fully updated skins aren't on the beta yet, but knowing Blizzard, they'll be great :D

kalos3723d ago

I'm glad to see many of the old boss routines were back. Too few, including me ever saw the majority of them, so having some of them back feels like much less of a waste, able to actually journey through the place and experience it properly rather than the very limited timeframe it had first time around.

Bordel_19003723d ago

Blizzard ruined the game with The Burning Crusade.

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