Xbox’s Phil Spencer: Expect cross-collaboration between Microsoft Game Studios developers

Speaking with Stevivor last month in Sydney, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, said that Microsoft Game Studios development houses will work together on certain projects, but not at the scale of Ubisoft and the Assassin’s Creed franchise, or EA using DICE’s Frostbite engine for more and more titles.

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i3eyond the Circle650d ago

Playground make a world for a new Fable teamed with the old Lionhead?

Or maybe bring back Blood Wake??

Coalition and Remedy team up for a new IP?

That'd be cool..

Mystogan650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

I need a new fable game dammit. I really was looking forward to Fable Legends even though it wasn't a real fable game. I just miss Albion so much :( , Fable Legends had enough of it that it would have kept me satisfied until the next. But now, who knows how long i'll have to wait.
BTW. Fable Legends had one of the best graphics I've seen this gen. Why tf did they have to cancel it at the last fricking minute?

lastking95650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Ikr, legends didn't look that good to me but I need fable 1-2 again. They were my 2 favorite rpg. Rare or Coalition needs to make a fable style game

_-EDMIX-_650d ago

Wasn't Coalition already working on a new intellectual property? Some first person shooter?

I would also love to see a return to bloodwake an underappreciated Xbox game.

But I over all would love to see their Main teams move on and start making new properties while still revisiting established

TheColbertinator650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Rare and Coalition need to team up for a new Conker game.

Mystogan650d ago

Coalition? Why? I don't see how...ow wait.. you mean for the gore stuff? I guess lol

TheColbertinator650d ago

Multiplayer too. Rare handles story and art

_-EDMIX-_650d ago

I agree that we need a new Conker game but I'm not sure coalition would really be needed I think that rare is capable of making a Great conker game.

TheColbertinator650d ago

Good yes. Great no. Rare needs new direction like in their Nintendo days. A new Rare golden age.

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The story is too old to be commented.