Halo Reach BC Patch Greatly Improves Performance; Now Runs Better Than Xbox 360 Version

A new Halo Reach backwards compatibility patch has been released by Microsoft which greatly improves the game’s performance on Xbox One.

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poppinslops797d ago

As someone who's fanatical when it comes to chronology, this is good news... I guess this means the time has finally come for me to play some Halo - not that I hadn't before, but it was just some deathmatches against some friends who spent their time jumping around with sniper rifles and owning me worse than I've ever been owned before, which kind of put me off the franchise.

Donnie81797d ago

Reach is the game that got me into halo. I might try to get that one achievement were you jump of the cliff and execute the elite a few hundred more times. Ill get it one of these days. Glad the game runs smooth now

morganfell797d ago (Edited 797d ago )

Woohoo. Solid frames and the background motion blur is almost completely gone. I only notice it in one scene when I am first in the Falcon. Great job getting this running right.

gamingisnotacrime797d ago

Wow i thought this was left for dead in the water. This just shows that the xbox team is being lead by a gamer mentality. They dont have much to win from improving this game performance yet they did almost a year later. This backwards thing is great, im enjoying some really great gaming from previous gen and i love it

game4funz797d ago

Agreed. I was hoping they would fix it. Almost lost hope. Never played reach.... But played all the others so I was bumped when the performance was poor.

I would love it if they fixed gears judgement next.

morganfell797d ago (Edited 797d ago )

I played it a lot on the 360. But to have all of these in one place now on the One and working is great. I can't think of how many games of Firefight we played. And now that this is running, one of the guys that still just has a 360 can join in as well. There are a handful of franchises in gaming that deserve this kind of attention and HALO is one of them. When I first saw this article and jumped on to check it, I played some Campaign....looked up and an hour and a half was gone.

Referred to as a revelation of an update:

MCTJim797d ago

I am going to fire this up and install it now.

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