Warhammer Guild Highlights: Finances

Mythic Entertainment has updated the official Warhammer Online site with details of more changes. Warhammer's much-vaunted RvR component is a central element to the game, and now new changes will see players receiving revamped rewards for participating. NPC Sargeants defending Battlefield Objectives will now have slightly better loot, to reflect the challenge of defeating them. Keep and Fortress Sieges are also more lucrative as well. Keep drop rates are now up to 12 from the previous number of 4. Fortress drops are up to 18 loot bags, from the previous 8. Overall more high end loot will be dropping from both experiences as well, as more 'gold' bags will be falling into player hands.

The company also made a point of clarifying new guild features in the game. They describe the bank vaults, tax system, and tithe system that was added in the enormous 4.1 patch for preview+ weekend.

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