PlayStation Store Update JPN - 10 September

PS3-Sense posted up the PlayStation Store Update for Japan wich is live right now. Here is the full list:

PSOne Classics
Dekiru! Game Center [SE Mobile] (600 YEN)
Linda Cube Again [Sony] (600 YEN)
Psychic Force 2 [Taito] (600 YEN)
Puzzle Bobble 2 [Taito] (600 YEN)

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Iceberg0323720d ago

but I made a Japan account so that I could download things off of their that wouldn't come out in the U.S. for A while but I have yet to download anything, they never have anything that I want.

bluecapone3720d ago

why the north american/eu store never get ps classics

UNCyrus3720d ago

PS1 Games coming on the PSN for $5-$6... They charge Americans up to $10 or more depending on the popularity of the game...

IzKyD13313720d ago

come on Sony!
NA and Europe need PS1 classics too!

theusedfake3720d ago

sony, I realize that there is more to it
than "just putting" psone classics on the store,
but I think that the rest of the world deserves
games as well as the japanese.
show us some love too ;)

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