Fracture Demo to Be Released September 18th

LucasArts has announced that their latest title for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Fracture, will be hitting their respective online platforms on September 18th.

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Cajun Chicken3750d ago

I have high expectations for the gameplay mechanic concept in this game.

dxmnecro3750d ago

In theory it sounds cool, but how easy will it be to implement?

King_many_layers3750d ago

I dunno. I saw the first gameplay video a while back and I was thoroughly underwhelmed. I expect a flop

himdeel3750d ago

...with King on this one. I smell flop and the stink is similar to the whiff of odor I got after playing the Star Wars demo. I could be wrong but I'm not expecting much and assume this will be a rental.

sak5003749d ago

Agreed with king. The ground looks like its made of cloth rather than a solid thing the way it forms and deforms.

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Forbidden_Darkness3749d ago

as of right now its a day 1 purchase for me, but if i find the demo not to my liking than i wont get it.